Welcome To Finding Peace

This website is the result of almost twenty years of attempting to lose weight. My process, goals, ideals, and beliefs have changed a lot over the years, and while I may have dropped some ideas in favor of new ones, I won't deny that there's value in the old ideas, as well. I've been striving for weight loss for so long, it feels like I've tried just about everything out there: Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Sugar Busters, other diets based on the Glycemic Index, simple calorie counting, exercising at home, exercising at the gym, not exercising at all. Being gentle and understanding with myself, and beating myself up for each failure. Everything has worked at least a little. On Weight Watchers, I lost almost 50 lbs at one point. Other diets have been a little less successful than Weight Watchers, but still decent. I created the old website, Journal of a Non-Dieter, to put free Weight Watchers points lists online so it would be easier for me to find what I needed in one place, and also to help other people be able to do Weight Watchers for free. It's been a long, crazy journey of in search of weight loss, and I'm still learning. I know this, though: what works for me, or what didn't work for me, won't be the same as what works (or doesn't) for you. The only thing that I've learned that I think applies to everyone is: keep trying. Try something. If it doesn't work, either try harder or try something else. If you're unhappy with Weight Watchers or South Beach or low carb or low fat, you don't have to give up and resign yourself to being overweight forever. You can change your life, you just have to be open and willing to work.

My Current Methods

Currently I'm using the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous, EFT, EMDR, simple calorie tracking, and exercise to lose weight. Other methods may come up as I need them. Weight Watchers is always my fall-back.

Using The Website

I've provided a comprehensive list of Weight Watchers points values, as well as basic instruction in using the Weight Watchers plan for free. These are not the current point values, nor the current plan - all of the Weight Watchers points lists are from the older 123 Success Weight Watchers plan. It works just fine. In addition, there's information on exercise and some general hints and tips. My blog chronicles my personal process. Links to to the left will get you to Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, and information on EFT.