Weight Watchers 123 Success

Below is all the information you need to follow the Weight Watchers 123 Success plan. In the table below, find your current weight. Next to your weight range is the range of Weight Watchers points you should be eating in a single day. For example, if you currently weigh 230lbs, you'd be in the 225-249lb range. Your Weight Watchers point range would be 26-31 points. In any given day, you should aim to eat at least 26 points, but no more than 31 points. It's important to eat at least the minimum number of points in your range, otherwise you risk your body going into 'starvation mode' and not losing any weight at all.

Below that table is a comprehensive list of foods and their Weight Watchers point values. Use that table to keep track of how many points you eat in a day. If you're looking for something that isn't on the list but you have the nutritional information, you can do a little math and get an idea of the point value. 50 calories = 1 point, 6 grams of fat = 1 point, and you can subtract 1 point for every 4 grams of fiber. So the calculation for something that is 250 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 4 grams of fiber would be: (250/50) + (12/6) - (4/4) = (5) + (2) - (1) = 6 Weight Watchers points.

Target Weight Watchers Points Ranges

Weight Points
Less than 150 18-23
150-174 20-25
175-199 22-27
200-224 24-29
225-249 26-31
250-274 28-33
275-299 29-34
300-324 30-35
325-349 31-36
More than 350 32-37

Weight Watchers Points

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Abalone,cooked3 oz.2
Adobo sauce,light,store-bought1/2 cup5
Adobo sauce,store-bought1 Tbsp (1/2 oz.)2
Alfredo sauce,light,store-bought1/2 cup (4 oz.)5
Alfredo sauce,store-bought1/2 cup (4 oz.)10
Almond butter1 tsp.1
Almonds22 nuts (1 oz. shelled)4
Ambrosia1/2 cup2
Anchovies6(3/4) or 1 tsp. paste1
Angel Food Cake1/16 of 10" tube or 2 oz.2
Animal crackers13(1 oz.)3
Antelope,cooked1 oz.1
Apple Brown Betty1 cup5
Apple Cider1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Apple crisp3/4 cup8
Apple Juice1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Apple,baked1 large7
Apple,candied1 large10
Apple,caramel1 large9
Apple,dried1/4 cup(3/4 oz.)1
Apple,fresh1 large (8 oz.)2
Apple,fresh1 small (4 oz.)1
Apples,crab2 oz. or 1/2 cup1
Apples, mountain3 (2"x 1 7/8")1
Applesauce,unsweetened1 cup (8 oz.)1
Apricots,dried6 halves (3/4 oz.)1
Apricots,fresh3 (4 oz.)1
Apricots,unsweetened,canned1 cup (9oz.)2
Armadillo,cooked1 oz.1
Arrowroot1 tsp.0
Arroz con pollo3 oz. chicken with 1 1/2 cups rice13
Arrowroot1 tsp.0
Artichokes,cooked1 medium0
Artichoke,hearts,cooked1 cup (6 oz.)1
Artichokes,marinated1/2 cup3
Arugula1 cup0
Asparagus,cooked1 cup (6 oz.) or 12 spears0
Avgolemono soup1 cup3
Avacado1/4 (2 oz.)2

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Baba au rhum18
Baba ganosh1/4 cup3
Baba ganosh,store-bought1/4 cup3
Bacon,Canadian-style1 slice (1 oz.)1
Bacon,cooked,crisp3 slices3
Bacon,reduced-fat,cooked,crisp3 slices3
Bacon,turkey,cooked,crisp3 slices2
Bacon,lettuce, and tomato sandwich112
Bacon bits,imitation1 tsp0
Bacon fat1 tbsp.3
Bagel,any type1 small or 1/2 large (2 oz.)3
Bagel,with cream cheese and lox1 large12
Bagel chips1 oz.3
Bagel chips,fat-free1 oz.2
Bagel pizzas,mini,any type,frozen4 (3 oz.)4
Baked Alaska1 piece (2" wedge)5
Baking powder or soda1 tsp.0
Baklava1 piece (2" square)5
Bakalava,store-bought1 piece (1 1/2 oz.)5
Bamboo shoots1 cup0
Banana1 medium (6 oz.)2
Banana Bread1 slice (5" x 3/4")5
Banana Bread,with nuts1 slice (5" x 3/4")5
Banana chips1 oz.3
Banana Pudding1 cup7
Banana Split1 serving (3 scoops ice cream,1 banana,3 tbsp. syrup,and 1/2 cup whipped cream)19
Bananas Foster1 serving (2 scoops ice cream, 1/2 banana and 1/3 cup sauce16
Barbeque sauce1 tbsp.0
Barbeque sauce1/4 cup1
Barbeque beef sandwich,frozen,microwave1 (5 oz.)9
Barley1 cup cooked or 1/4 cup uncooked3
Bass,striped,coooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Bean and bacon soup,canned1 cup3
Bean and ham soup,canned1 cup3
Bean and Lentil stew (Dal maharani)1 cup6
Bean dip,fat-free1/2 cup (4 oz.)1
Beans,baked1/2 cup5
Beans,baked,canned1/2 cup (4 oz.)2
Beans,baked,deli1/2 cup ( 4 oz.)3
Beans,baked,fast food1 serving4
Beans,baked,vegetarian,canned1/2 cup (4 oz.)2
Beans,Black,cooked1/2 cup2
Beans,Black,uncooked1 pound31
Beans,Black,refried1/2 cup1
Beans,Black,refried,canned,low-fat or fat-free1/2 cup1
Beans,Black,and rice mix (prepared according to package directions)1 cup4
Beans,Cannellini,cooked1/2 cup1
Beans,Garbanzo,cooked1/2 cup2
Beans,Garbanzo,uncooked1 pound35
Beans,Green,cooked1 cup0
Beans,Kidney,cooked1/2 cup1
Beans,Kidney,uncooked1 pound30
Beans,Lima,cooked1/2 cup1
Beans,Lima,uncooked1 pound30
Beans,Navy,cooked1/2 cup2
Beans,Navy,uncooked1 pound30
Beans,Pinto,cooked1/2 cup2
Beans,Pinto,uncooked1 pound30
Beans,Red,and rice1 cup5
Beans,Red,and rice mix (prepared according to package directions)1 cup5
Beans,Refried,1/2 cup3
Beans,Refried,canned1/2 cup2
Beans,Refried,fat-free,canned1/2 cup2
Beans,Refried,with sausage,canned1/2 cup5
Beans,Wax,cooked1 cup0
Beans,White,cooked1/2 cup2
Beans,White,uncooked1 pound30
Beans and Franks1 cup11
Bear,black,cooked1 oz.2
Bearnaise sauce1/4 cup8
Bearnaise sauce,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)10
Beaver,cooked1 oz.1
Bechamel (white) sauce1/4 cup4
Beef,Ground,regular,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)6
Beef,Ground,regular,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)4
Beef,Ground,regular,uncooked1 pound25
Beef,Ground,lean,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)6
Beef,Ground,lean,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)4
Beef,Ground,lean,cooked(round or loin cuts with all visible fat trimmed)1 slice or 1/2 cup cubed or shredded (2 oz.) 3
Beef,Ground,regular,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)6
Beef,Ground,lean,uncooked1 pound22
Beef,Orange-Ginger1 cup11
Beef,Ground,country-fried,store-bought1 patty(4 oz.)8
Beef,regular,cooked1 slice or 1/2 cup cubed or shredded (2 oz.)4
Beef,Roast,open-face sandwich with gravy19
Beef,Tongue,cooked1 oz.2
Beef,Sweet and sour1 cup12
Beef,corned,canned1 slice (2 oz.)3
Beef,dried,store-bought7 slices (1 oz.)1
Beef,steak,cooked1 small (4 oz.)7
Beef,steak,lean (round or loin cuts with all visible fat trimmed),cooked1 small (4 oz.)5
Beefalo,cooked1 oz.1
Beef Bourguignon1 1/2 cups18
Beef and Broccoli1 cup4
Beef,Bourguignon1 1/2 cups20
Beef and broccoli,frozen1 cup (7 oz.)5
Beef broth and tomato juice1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Beef goulash1 cup8
Beef in barbeque sauce,frozen1/4 cup (2 oz.)3
Beef jerky or stick1 oz.3
Beef noodle soup mix,single serving1 cup prepared4
Beef soup,canned1 cup2
Beef stew1 cup5
Beef stew,canned1 cup6
Beef stew,frozen1 cup3
Beef Stroganoff with noodles2 cups (1 cup stroganoff with 1 cup noodles)15
Beef vegetable soup,canned1 cup1
Beef Wellington1 slice (3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2") or 5 oz.12
Beer,light1 can or bottle (12 fl. oz.)2
Beer,non-alcoholic1 can or bottle (12 fl. oz.)1
Beer, regular1 can or bottle (12 fl. oz.)3
Beets, cooked1 cup ((6 oz.)0
Beets,pickled1/2 cup1
Beignet1 (2" diameter)2
Beignet,from mix (prepared according to pkg. directions)13
Bialy1 (3 oz.)5
Biscotti8 mini,2 small or 1 regular (1 oz.)3
Biscotti,chocolate8 mini,2 small or 1 regular (1 oz.)3
Biscotti,fat-free8 mini,2 small or 1 regular (1 oz.)2
Biscuit,homemade1 small (2" diameter)3
Biscuit,refrigerated,baked1 small (2 1/2" diameter) or 1/2 large2
Biscuit with sausage,fast-food112
Bittermelon (balsam-pear pods)1 cup,cooked0
Bittermelon (balsam-pear pods)1 cup,uncooked0
Black bean sauce1 tsp.0
Black bean soup1 cup4
Black bean soup,canned1 cup2
Black bean soup in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)3
Blackberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Black Russian1 (3 fl. oz.)5
Blanquette of veal2 cups13
Blintz,cheese,frozen1 (2 1/4 oz.)2
Blintz,fruit,frozen1 (2 1/4 oz.)2
Blintz,potato,frozen1 (2 1/4 oz.)2
Bloody Mary1 ( 5 fl. oz.)2
Blueberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Bluefish,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Bologna,beef or pork1 slice (1 oz.)2
Bologna,turkey1 slice (1 oz.)1
Bolognese meat sauce1/2 cup6
Borscht,Beet,1 cup with 2 tbsp. sour cream4
Borscht,low-calorie,store-bought1 cups0
Borscht,store-bought1 cup2
Boston brown bread1 slice (3 3/4" x 1/2") or 1 1/2 oz.2
Bottle gourd1 cup0
Boudin, store-bought2 oz.2
Boullabaisse,any type2 cups7
Boullion,any type1 cup0
Boysenberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Bran,Corn,uncooked1/4 cup 0
Bran,Oat,uncooked1/4 cup 1
Bran,Rice,uncooked1/4 cup 2
Bran,Wheat,uncooked1 tbsp. 0
Bran,Wheat,uncooked1/4 cup0
Brandy1 1/2 fl. oz.2
Brandy Alexander1 (3 fl. oz.)8
Bratwurst2 oz.5
Brazil nuts8 nuts (1 oz. shelled)5
Bread,any type (white,wheat,rye,Italian,French,pumpernickel)1 slice (1 oz.)2
Bread,cocktail(party-style),any type2 slices (3/4 oz.)1
Bread,high-fiber,(3 grams or more dietary fiber per slice)1 slice (1 oz.)1
Bread,reduced-calorie,any type2 slices (1 1/2 oz.)1
Bread,Indian(Navajo)fry1 (5" diameter)6
Bread crumbs,dried3 tbsp (3/4 oz.)1
Bread crumbs,dried1 cup9
Bread crumbs,seasoned3 tbsp.2
Breadfruit,uncooked1 cup (8 oz.)4
Breadstick,soft1 (1 1/4 oz.)2
Breadsticks2 long (7 1/2" x 1/2") or 4 short (5" x 1/2")1
Brewer's yeast1 tsp.0
Brioche1 (1 oz.)3
Broccoli,cooked or uncooked1 cup or 4 spears0
Broccoli,cheese soup,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Broccoli,cheese soup,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup4
Broccoli,cheese soup,low-fat,canned(made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup2
Broccoli rabe1 cup0
Broccoli soup,cream of1 cup5
Broccoli soup,cream of,canned(made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Broccoli soup, cream of,canned(made with whole milk)1 cup4
Broccoli soup,cream of,low-fat,canned(made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Broccoli rice casserole1 cup5
Broccoli stir-fry1 cup3
Broth,any type1 cup0
Brownie1 (2" square)5
Brownie,fat-free,store-bought1 ( 1 1/2 oz.)2
Brownie,low-fat,store-bought1 (1 1/2 oz.)3
Brunswick stew1 1/2 cups5
Bruschetta1 slice3
Brussel sprouts,cooked or uncooked1 cup (5 oz.)0
Bubble and squeak1 cup3
Buffalo, water cooked1 oz.1
Buffalo wings,cooked3 9
Buffalo wings,frozen(prepared without fat)34
Bulgur,cooked1 cup2
Bulgur,uncooked1/4 cup2
Burrito,bean1 large (8" long)8
Burrito,bean1 small (6" long)5
Burrito,bean,fast food16
Burrito,bean and cheese,reduced-fat,store-bought1 (5 1/2 oz.)5
Burrito,bean and cheese,store-bought1 (5 oz.)6
Burrito,beef and bean,store-bought 1 (5 oz.)8
Burrito,beef or chicken and cheese,reduced-fat,store-bought1 small or 1/2 large (4 oz.)4
Burrito,beef,with cheese1 large (8" long)8
Burrito,beef,with cheese1 small (6" long)5
Burrito,breakfast(egg,cheese,&bacon,ham or sausage),store-bought1 (3 1/2 oz.)5
Burrito,chicken,store-bought1 (5 oz.)6
Burrito,chicken,with cheese1 large (8" long)7
Burrito,chicken,with cheese1 small (6" long)5
Butter,regular or whipped1 tsp.1
Butter,regular1 cup51
Buttermilk,dry1/4 cup powder2
Buttermilk,nonfat,1%,1.5%,or 2%1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Buttermilk baking mix3 tbsp.2

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td>1 (4 3/4 oz.)
Cabbage(all varieties including bok choy,kai choi,won bok,makina,Chinese,swamp,and mustard),cooked or uncooked1 cup0
Cabbage,stuffed2 rolls (3" x 2 1/2")6
Cabbage soup1 cup2
Caesar salad3 cups7
Cake,fat-free,store-bought1 slice (3 1/2 oz.)4
Cake,snack,creme-filled,store-bought2(2 1/4 oz.)6
Cake,sugar-free,store-bought1 slice (2 1/2 oz.)5
Cake,with icing1/12 of 9" layer cake or 3" square12
Cake,with icing,store-bought1 slice (3 oz.)7
Cake mix,light,without icing1/12 of prepared 9" cake4
Calamari,fried1/2 cup11
Calzone1 (5 1/4" x 6") or 7 oz.12
Candy corn1 oz.2
Candy,Caramels1 oz.2
Candy,Chocolate, any type1 oz. (2 assorted pieces, 1/2 candy bar, or 2 tbsp. chips)4
Candy,Gumdrops1 oz.2
Cotton Candy1 (1 1/2 oz.)3
Candy,Hard1 oz.2
Candy,Jellybeans10 (1 oz.)2
Candy,Licorice1 rope (43" long)1
Candy,Licorice1 oz.2
Lollipop1 (1 oz.)2
Candy,mint,chocolate-covered1 (2 1/4" diameter)3
Candy,sesame1 piece (2" x 1")2
Candy,taffy1 piece (1/2 oz.)1
Cannelloni,cheese,with meat sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce29
Cannelloni,cheese,with tomato sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup a of sauce14
Cannelloni,with tomato sauce,frozen7 oz.6
Cannelloni,meat,with cream sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce17
Cannelloni,meat,with tomato sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce14
Cannelloni,spinach and cheese,with cream sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce15
Cannelloni,spinach and cheese,with tomato sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce12
Cannoli1 (3 1/2" long)9
Cantaloupe1/4 melon (8 oz.) or 1 cup (5 oz.)1
Capers1 tbsp.0
Capon,without bone,with skin,cooked1 oz.2
Caponata1 cup2
Caponate(eggplant appetizer),store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)2
Cappuccino,made with fat-free milk1 small (8 fl. oz.)1
Cappuccino,made with fat-free milk1 grande (16 fl. oz.)2
Cappuccino,made with fat-free milk1 tall (12 fl. oz.)2/td>
Cappuccino,made with low-fat milk1 small (8 fl. oz.)2
Cappuccino,made with low-fat milk1 grande (16 fl. oz.)3
Cappuccino,made with low-fat milk1 tall (12 fl. oz.)3
Cappuccino,made with whole milk1 small (8 fl. oz.)2
Cappuccino,made with whole milk1 grande (16 fl. oz.)4
Cappuccino,made with whole milk1 tall (12 fl. oz.)3
Cappuccino,ready-made,from machine,any flavor1 cup2
Cappuccino mix,any flavor4 tsp. powder or 1 cup prepared2
Caraway seeds1 tsp.0
Caraway seeds1 tbsp.0
Carambola (star fruit)1 (5 oz.)1
Caramels1 oz.3
Cardoon1 cup0
Caribou,cooked1 oz.1
Carne asada4 oz.10
Carob,unsweetened1 tsp.0
Carp,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)7
Carrot and raisin salad1/2 cup5
Carrot cake,with cream cheese icing1/12 of 9" cake or 3" square16
Carrot juice,canned1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Carrots,cooked or uncooked1 cup1
Carrots and parsnips1 cup4
Casaba melon1 cup (6 oz.)1
Cashew butter,without salt added1 tbsp2
Cashews,dry-roasted,without salt added14 nuts (1 oz. shelled)4
Cassoulet1 cup11
Catfish,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Cauliflower,cooked or uncooked1 cup (4 oz.)0
Caviar or any type fish roe2 tbsp. (1 oz.)2
Caviar spread,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)3
Celeriac (celery root)1 cup0
Celery1 cup (2 oz.) or 2 stalks0
Celery soup,cream of,canned(made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Celery soup,cream of,canned(made with whole milk)1 cup4
Celery soup,cream of, low-fat,canned(made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup2
Cellophane noodles1 cup cooked or 1 1/2 oz. uncooked3
Cereal,Hot,cream of rice1 cup2
Cereal,Hot,cream of wheat1 cup2
Cereal,Hot,farina,cooked1 cup2
Cereal,Hot,farina,uncooked1/4 cup3
Cereal,Hot,grits1 cup3
Cereal,Hot,grits,uncooked1/4 cup3
Cereal,Hot,oatmeal,cooked1 cup3
Cereal,Hot,oatmeal,flavored,cooked1 packet3
Cereal,Hot,oatmeal,uncooked1 cup6
Cereal,Cold,any type (other than those listed below)1 cup2
Cereal,Cold,Bran Flakes3/4 cup1
Cereal,Cold,fortified1 cup2
Cereal,Cold,frosted1 cup3
Cereal,Cold,granola1/2 cup4
Cereal,Cold,granola,homemade1/2 cup6
Cereal,Cold,granola,low-fat1/2 cup3
Cereal,Cold,nuggets1/2 cup3
Cereal,Cold,puffed1 cup1
Cereal,Cold,raisin bran3/4 cup1
Cereal,Cold,shredded wheat1 biscuit1
Cereal,Cold,whole-grain1 cup2
Cereal bar,fat-free1 (1 1/2 oz.)2
Cereal bar,fruit filled1 (1 1/3 oz.)3
Ceviche1/2 cup2
Challah bread1 slice (5" x 3" x 3/4")2
Chalupa (pork and bean dish)1 cup6
Champagne1 small glass or 1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)2
Chapati1 peice (5" diameter)2
Cheese,cheddar,soup,canned(made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup4
Cheese,cheddar,soup,canned(made with whole milk)1 cup5
Cheese,cottage,1%,2%, or nonfat1/3 cup (2 3/4 oz.)1
Cheese,cottage,1% or nonfat,with fruit1/3 cup2
Cheese,cottage,regular or 4%1/3 (2 1/2 oz.)2
Cheese,low-fat,hard or semisoft1 slice, 1 (1") cube, 3 tbsp. shredded, 2 tbsp. grated or 3/4 oz.2
Cheese,Neufchatel1 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)1
Cheese,nonfat,hard or semisoft1 slice, 1 (1") cube, 3 tbsp. shredded, 2 tbsp. grated, or 3/4 oz.1
Cheese,pot1/3 cup1
Cheese,regular,hard or semisoft1 slice, 1 (1") cube, 3 tbsp. shredded, 2 tbsp. grated, or 3/4 oz.2
Cheese,ricotta,nonfat1/3 cup1
Cheese,ricotta,part-skim1/3 cup3
Cheese,ricotta,whole milk1/3 cup4
Cheese and breadstick snack pack1 (1 oz.)3
Cheese and pretzel snack pack1 (1 oz.)3
Cheese ball,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)3
Cheeseburger,witth bacon,microwave,frozen1 (5 oz.)11
Cheeseburger on bun,double,fast food113
Cheeseburger on bun,double,with bacon,fast food115
Cheeseburger on bun,fast food1 large15
Cheeseburger on bun,fast-food1 small8
Cheeseburger on bun,without mayonnaise,lettuce, and tomato110
Cheesecake1/16 of 9" cake7
Cheesecake,fast food1 serving7
Cheesecake,with fruit topping1/16 of 9" cake7
Cheesecake,with fruit topping,fast food1 serving8
Cheese puffs,hot3 (each 1/2 oz.)2
Cheese sandwich,grilled,resturant-style113
Cheese sandwich,with bacon,grilled116
Cheese sauce1/4 cup2
Cheese sauce,store-bought1/4 cup (2 1/4 oz.)5
Cheese spread,American,process2 tbsp. (1 oz.)2
Cheese sticks,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)2 (1 oz.)3
Cheese straws2 (each 2" long) or 2 oz.2
Cheese twists1 1/2 cups (1 oz.)4
Chef's salad, without dressing4 cups8
Chef's salad, witthout dressing, fast food14
Cherries,chocolate-covered2 (1 oz.)2
Cherries,dried1/4 cup (1 1/2 oz.)2
Cherries,fresh1 cup (5 1/2 oz.)1
Chestnuts6 small (2 oz.)1
Chicken,blackened1 breast (3 oz.)8
Chicken,fried,frozen3 oz.7
Chicken,fried,skinless,frozen3 oz.5
Chicken,light or dark meat,canned1/2 cup4
Chicken,light or dark meat,cooked1 slice or 1/2 cup cubed or shredded (2 oz.)2
Chicken a la king3/4 cup10
Chicken and dumplings,canned1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)5
Chicken and dumplings,frozen1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)7
Chicken and meatball fricassee2 cups9
Chicken and stars soup,canned1 cup1
Chicken breast,barbequed,with skin (with bone)1 (4 1/2 oz.)7
Chicken breast,cooked,without skin (no bone)1 (3 oz.)3
Chicken breast,cooked,with skin (no bone)1 ( 3 oz.)5
Chicken breast,cooked,without skin (with bone)1 (4 1/2 oz.)3
Chicken breast,fried,with skin (with bone)1 (4 1/2 oz.)11
Chicken breast,fried,with skin,fast food110
Chicken breast,stuffed with long grain and wild rice,frozen1 (6 oz.)8
Chicken breast,stuffed with vegetables and cheese,frozen1 (6 oz.)8
Chicken breast fillet, breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)3 oz.4
Chicken breast fillet,grilled,refrigerated1 (3 oz.)3
Chicken breast patty,breaded,fat-free,frozen (prepared without fat)1 (2 1/2 oz.)2
Chicken caccitore5 oz.13
Chicken cordon bleu1 piece (5 1/2 oz.)12
Chicken cordon bleu,frozen1 piece (6 3/4 oz.)10
Chicken creole,without rice1 1/2 cups9
Chicken drumstick,barbequed,with skin (with bone)1 (1 1/2 oz.)3
Chicken drumstick,cooked,without skin (no bone)1 (1 oz..)1
Chicken drumstick,cooked,with skin (no bone)1 (1 oz.)2
Chicken drumstick,cooked,without skin (with bone)1 (1 1/2 oz.)1
Chicken drumstick,fried,with skin,fast food14
Chicken drumstick,fried,with skin (with bone)1 (1 1/2 oz.)4
Chicken in barbeque sauce,frozen1/4 cup (2 oz.)3
Chicken in the pot,without skin2 cups9
Chicken Kiev1 serving (4" x 8")18
Chicken Kiev,frozen1 (6 oz.)13
Chicken noodle soup1 cup3
Chicken noodle soup,canned1 cup2
Chicken noodle soup in a cup1 (1 oz. dry)2
Chicken noodle soup mix1 cup prepared2
Chicken noodle soup mix,single serving1 cup prepared4
Chicken parmigiana1 serving (5 1/2 oz.)13
Chicken parmigiana patty,frozen1 patty with sauce (5 oz.)6
Chicken patty,fried,frozen1 (2 1/2 oz.)4
Chicken pieces (nugget-style),fat-free,frozen3 (3 oz.)4
Chicken pieces (nugget-style),fried6 pieces (2" x 3/4")5
Chicken pieces (nugget-style),fried,fast food6 pieces7
Chicken pieces (nugget-style),frozen6 (3 oz.)6
Chicken roll luncheon meat1 slice (1 oz.)1
Chicken salad1/2 cup6
Chicken salad, Oriental2 cups7
Chicken salad,store-bought1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz.)5
Chicken salad sandwich110
Chicken sandwich,fried,fast food112
Chicken sandwich,grilled,fast food19
Chicken sandwich,grilled,frozen1 (4 1/2 oz.)6
Chicken soup,cream of,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup4
Chicken soup,cream of,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup5
Chicken soup,cream of,low-fat,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Chicken soup,hot and spicy1 cup4
Chicken soup,with matzo balls1 cup soup with 2 (1 1/2") matzo balls3
Chicken soup,without matzo balls1 cup1
Chicken stew,canned1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)4
Chicken tetrazzini1 1/2 cups9
Chicken thigh,barbequed,with skin (with bone)1 (3 oz.)5
Chicken thigh,cooked,without skin (no bone)1 (2 oz.)3
Chicken thigh,cooked,with skin (no bone)1 (2 oz.)4
Chicken thigh,cooked,without skin (with bone)1 (3 oz.)3
Chicken thigh,cooked,with skin (with bone)1 (3 oz.)4
Chicken thigh,fried,with skin (with bone)1 (3 oz.)6
Chicken thigh,fried,with skin,fast food18
Chicken vegetable soup in a cup1 (1 oz. dry)2
Chicken wing,fried,with skin,fast food15
Chicken with cashews1 cup11
Chicken with dumplings3 oz. chicken with 2 dumplings7
Chicken with rice soup,canned1 cup2
Chicken with wild rice soup,canned1 cup2
Chickpeas,dry1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Chicory (curly endive)1 cup or 6 oz.0
Chiffon pie1/8 of 9" one-crust pie8
Chili,bean, in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)3
Chili,frozen1 cup (8 oz.)12
Chili,low-fat,canned1 cup (9 oz.)4
Chili,turkey,with beans,canned1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)3
Chili,turkey,without beans,canned1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)3
Chili,vegetarian,low-fat or fat-free (5 grams or more dietary fiber per cup)1 cup2
Chili,vegetarian,low-fat or fat-free,canned1 cup3
Chili con carne,with beans1 cup7
Chili con carne,without beans1 cup8
Chili con queso1/4 cup3
Chili con queso,canned1/4 cup (2 oz.)2
Chili con queso,frozen1/4 cup (2 oz.)5
Chili dog on a roll110
Chili mac,canned1 cup (8 oz.)5
Chili rellenos216
Chili sauce,bottled1 tbsp0
Chili sauce,green or red1/4 cup1
Chili with beans,canned1 cup (9 oz.)8
Chili without beans,canned1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)11
Chimichanga,beef1 (3" x 3 1/2")11
Chimichanga,beef or chicken,with beans,frozen1 (6 1/2 oz.)8
Chimichanga,chicken1 (3" x 3 1/2")10
Chinese vegetables,with beef or pork1 cup8
Chinese vegetables,with chicken1 cup7
Chinese vegetables,with shrimp or tofu1 cup5
Chitterlings1 oz.2
Chocolate,any type2 assorted pieces, 1/2 candy bar, 2 tbsp. chips or 1 oz.3
Chocolate drink1 cup (8 fl. oz.)3
Chocolate milk, low-fat (2%)8 fl. oz.4
Chocolate mousse1 cup11
Chocolate spread2 tbsp (1 oz.)4
Cholent1 1/2 cups5
Chorizo1 link (5" long) or 3 1/2 oz.9
Chow mein,beef,chicken, or pork,canned1 cup1
Chow mein noodles,homemade or packaged1/2 cup3
Chow mein,noodles,with beef or pork1 cup7
Chow mein noodles,with chicken or shrimp1 cup6
Chutney1 tbsp.1
Cinnamon bun1 (3" diameter) or 2 oz.5
Cioppino1 1/2 cups6
Clams,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Clams,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Clams,fried1 cup15
Clams,fried,frozen (prepared without fat)3 oz.6
Clams,stuffed,frozen (prepared without fat)1 (3 oz.)3
Clam sauce,red1/2 cup3
Clam sauce,red,store-bought1/2 cup (4 1/2 oz.)2
Clam sauce,white1/2 cup9
Clam sauce,white,store-bought1/2 cup (4 1/4 oz.)3
Clam-tomato juice1 cup (8 fl. oz.)1
Club sandwich116
Cobbler,fruit,any type1 cup7
Cobbler,fruit,frozen4 1/2 oz.6
Cobb salad (without dressing)3 cups12
Cocktail sauce1/4 cup1
Cocoa,hot,instant6 fl. oz.2
Cocoa,hot,instant,fat-free6 fl. oz.1
Cocoa,hot,instant,no sugar added6 fl. oz.1
Cocoa,unsweetened1 tsp.0
Coconut,cream of1/4 cup (2 fl. oz.)5
Coconut,shredded1 tsp.0
Coconut-custard pie1/8 of 9" one crust pie
Coconut ginger soup,Thai,canned1 cup3
Coconut juice or water1 can (12 fl. oz.)3
Coconut milk1/4 cup (2 fl.oz.)4
Coconut milk,light1/4 cup (2 fl. oz.)1
Cod,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Coffee,decaffeinated or regular,black,without sugar1cup0
Coffee cake3" square or 1/12 of 9" tube6
Coffee cake,fat-free,store-bought1 serving (2 oz.)3
Coffee cake,store-bought1 serving (2 oz.)5
Coffee drink,Jamaican,store-bought1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Coffee drink,latte or mocha,with milk1 bottle or 1 can (10 fl. oz.)4
Coffee mix,flavored,sugar-free (prepared according to package directions)1 cup (8 fl. oz.) prepared1
Coffee mix,flavored,with sugar (prepared according to package directions)1 cup (8 fl. oz.) prepared1
Coffee substuitute or cereal beverage powder1 tsp.0
Cognac1 1/2 fl. oz.2
Coleslaw1/2 cup3
Coleslaw,fast food1 serving5
Coleslaw,store-bought1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz.)4
Concentrated yeast extract1 tsp.0
Cookies (any type other than the following listings),homemade or packaged2 small (1 oz.)3
Cookies,amaretti1 (1" diameter)2
Cookies,bar1 (1" x 4")3
Cookies,fig bar2 bars (1 oz.)2
Cookies,fruit bar,any type2 bars (1 oz.)2
Cookies,gingerbread1 (2" diameter)2
Cookies,gingersnap2 (1/2 oz.)1
Cookies,reduced-calorie2 small (1 oz.)2
Cookies,sugar-free,store-bought2 small (1 oz.)2
Cookies,vanilla wafers3 (1/2 oz.)2
Cookies,vanilla wafers,reduced-fat3 (1/3 oz.)1
Coq au vin2 cups (7 oz.)13
Coquilles St. Jacques2 shells9
Corn,baby (ears)1 cup1
Corn,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)6 (3 oz.)4
Corn,kernels or cream-style1 cup (6 oz.)2
Corn bread2" square2
Corn chips10 large or 30 small (1 oz.)4
Corn chowder,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup4
Corn chowder,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup5
Corn chowder soup in a cup1 (1 oz. dry)3
Corn dog1 (2 3/4 oz.)5
Cornflake crumbs3/4 oz. (5 tbsp.)2
Cornish hen,without skin,cooked1/2 hen4
Cornish hen,with skin,cooked1/2 hen9
Cornmeat,cooked1/4 cup (2 oz.)4
Cornmeat,uncooked2 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)1
Cornmeal mix,self-rising2 tbsp. (3/4 oz.)1
Corn nuts1/2 cup (1 1/2 oz.)4
Corn on the cob1 small ear (5") or 4 oz.1
Cornstarch1 tsp.1
Couscous,(semolina)1 cup cooked (6 oz.) or 2 oz. uncooked3
Couscous in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)4
Crab,deviled1/2 cup5
Crab,stuffed,frozen1 (3 oz.)3
Crab cakes2 (each 2 1/4 oz. or 3" round)7
Crabmeat,artificial1/2 cup (3 oz.)2
Crabmeat,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Crabmeat,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Crab puffs6 (1 1/2" rounds)7
Crab Rangoon1 large (4 1/2") or 5 mini4
Crab Rangoon,frozen8 (5 1/4 oz.)11
Cracker meal3 tbsp.2
Crackers1 oz.3
Crackers,cheese squares,mini,regular, or reduced-fat1 oz.3
Crackers,fat-free2 (3/4 oz.)1
Crackers,snack,with filling (cheese,wheat,rye,toast, or wafer crackers with cheese,peanut butter, or cream cheese filling)6 (1 1/4 oz.)5
Cranberries,dried1/4 cup (1 1/2 oz.)2
Cranberries,fresh1 cup (4 oz.)1
Cranberry juice cocktail,low-calorie1 cup (8 fl. oz.)1
Cranberry juice cocktail,regular1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Cranberry sauce1/4 cup2
Crayfish,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Crayfish,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Cream,clotted (English double devon cream)2 tbsp.4
Cream,light (coffee/table cream)2 tbsp (1fl. oz.)2
Cream,medium2 tbsp. (1 fl. oz.)2
Cream,whipped,homemade (no sugar added)1/4 cup3
Cream,whipping,heavy or light2 tbsp. (1 fl. oz.)3
Cream cheese, light or whipped2 tbsp. (1 oz.)1
Cream cheese,nonfat4 tbsp. (2 oz.)1
Cream cheese,regular1 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)1
Cream cheese,tofu2 tbsp. (1 oz.)2
Creamer,nondairy2 tbsp liquid (1 fl. oz.)1
Creamer,nondairy1 tbsp. powder1
Creamer,nonfat,flavored2 tbsp. liquid (1 fl. oz.)1
Cream pie,with fruit1/8 of 9" one-crust pie9
Cream pie,without fruit1/8 of 9" one-crust pie 9
Cream pie,with or without fruit,frozen1 slice (4 3/4 oz.) of one-crust pie10
Cream puff1 (2 oz.)9
Creme caramel1 cup5
Creme fraiche2 tbsp.3
Creole,chicken,without rice1 1/2 cups9
Creole,fish,without rice1 1/2 cups6
Creole,shrimp,store-bought1 cup (9 1/2 oz.)5
Crepes2 (6" diameter)5
Crepes suzette212
Crispbreads3/4 oz.1
Croissant,chocolate-filled1 (5" long) or 1 3/4 oz.6
Croissant,plain1 (5" long) or 1 3/4 oz.5
Croque Monsieur18
Croquettes,beef2 (each 2 1/2 oz.)10
Croquettes,chicken2 (each 2 1/2 oz.)9
Croutons,homemade1/2 cup4
Croutons,packaged1/2 cup (1 oz.)3
Croutons,packaged,fat-free1/2 cup (1 oz.)2
Cruller1 small or 1/2 large (1 oz.)3
Cucumber1 cup,1 medium, or 4 oz.0
Cupcake,with icing,creme-filled,store-bought1 (1 1/2 oz.)3
Cupcake,with icing,unfilled1 (3" diameter)5
Currants,dried1/4 cup (1 1/2 oz.)2
Currants,fresh1 cup (4 oz.)1
Curry,beef,chicken, or lamb1 cup9
Custard1 cup6
Custard pie1/8 of 9" one-crust pie7

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Daikon1 cup0
Daiquiri1 (3 fl. oz.)3
Daiquiri mix1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.) mix3
Dairy shake,reduced-calorie1 packet2
Danish,fast food18
Danish,store-bought1 (2 1/4 oz.)6
Date nut bread1 slice (5" x 1/2")5
Dates,dried1/4 cup (5 dates)2
Dates,fresh2 (3/4 oz.)1
Dhansak1 cup6
Dip,any type2 tbsp.2
Dip,Artichoke,baked1/4 cup6
Dip,Spinach1/4 cup5
Dolma,store-bought4 (3 1/2 oz.)3
Donair4 oz. meat witth onion,tomato and 2 tbsp. sauce14
Donair sauce2 tbsp.2
Doro wat1 cup7
Doughnut holes,yeast,glazed23
Doughnuts,any type,store bought1 (2 oz.)5
Doughnuts,cake-type1 (3" diameter)6
Doughnuts,cake-type,sugared or glazed1 (3 " diameter)6
Doughnut,cake-type,with icing1 (3" diameter)7
Doughnuts,mini,chocolate-covered,store-bought3-4 doughnuts (2 oz.)7
Doughnuts,mini,powdered sugar-covered,store bought3-4 doughnuts (2 oz.)6
Doughnuts,with creme filling1 (3 1/2"x 2 1/2" oval)8
Doughnuts,yeast,plain or glazed1 (3 " diameter)6
Doughnuts,yeast,with jelly filling1 (3 1/2" x 2 1/2" oval)7
Duck,wild or domestic,without skin,cooked1/4 duck (3 1/2 oz. without bone)5
Duck,wild or domestic,with skin,cooked1/4 duck (3 1/2 oz. without bone)13
Duck a l orange1/4 duck with 2 tsbp. sauce19
Duck sauce1 tbsp.1
Duck with fruit sauce1/4 duck with skin and 1/2 cup sauce13
Dumplings,beef or pork,fried411
Dumplings,beef or pork,steamed46

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Eclair1 (4" long)9
Egg and cheese sandwich,fast-food18
Egg drop soup1 cup1
Egg foo yung,Beef1 (3" diameter)4
Egg foo yung,Chicken1 (3" diameter)4
Egg foo yung,Pork1 (3" diameter)5
Egg foo yung,Shrimp1 (3" diameter)4
Eggnog,reduced-calorie,without liquor1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)3
Eggnog,with liquor1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)4
Eggnog,without liquor1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)4
Eggnog,store-bought,without liquor1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)5
Eggplant,cooked1 cup (3 oz.)0
Eggplant Parmigiana,frozen5 oz.4
Eggplant Parmigiana,without sauce1 serving (3" x 4")11
Eggplant Parmigiana,with sauce1 serving (3" x 4"),with 1/2 cup Italian tomato sauce13
Egg roll,Beef1 (4 1/2" long)5
Egg roll,Chicken1 (4 1/2" long)4
Egg roll,Chicken,store-bought1 (3 oz.)3
Egg roll,Pork1 (4 1/2" long)5
Egg roll,Pork,store-bought1 (3 oz.)3
Egg roll,Shrimp1 (4 1/2" long)4
Egg roll,Shrimp,store-bought1 (3 oz.)3
Egg roll,Vegetable1 (3 oz.)3
Egg roll snacks,pork,shrimp, or vegetable,store-bought3 oz.3
Egg roll wrapper1 (1/2 oz.)1
Eggs,Deviled2 stuffed halves4
Eggs,Fried1 large2
Eggs,scrambled2 2 or 1/2 cup5
Eggs,substitute,fat-free1/4 cup1
Eggs,scrambled1/4 cup.>2/td>
Eggs,scrambled2 (scrambled with 2 tsp. fat)6
Eggs,scrambled,fast food1 serving4
Egg salad1/2 cup7
Egg salad sandwich110
Eggs Benedict2 English muffin halves with 2 eggs and 1/4 cup hollandaise sauce16
Egg substitute,fat-free1/4 cup1
Egg white1/20
Egg whites31
Elderberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Elk,cooked1 oz.1
Empandas2 (3" diameter)3
Emu,cooked1 oz.1
Enchilada,beef,cheese,or chicken,store-bought1 (4 1/2 oz.)4
Enchilada meal,beef,cheese, or chicken,frozen (2 enchiladas,beans, & rice)1 (11 1/2 oz.)7
Enchiladas,beef,cheese or pork212
Enchilada sauce1/2 cup (4 oz.)1
Endive,Belgain (French)1 cup (2 oz.)0
Escargots9 snails with 2 tbsp. butter9
Escarole1 cup0
Escarole soup,canned1 cup1
Etouffee,crawfish or shrimp,store-bought1 cup (9 oz.)8
Etouffee mix2 tbsp. mix1

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Fadge1 cup3
Fajita kit,beef or chicken,frozen (prepared according to package directions)2 (7 1/2 oz.)5
Falafel in pita1 large pita with 4 falafel patties (each 2" diameter or 1/2 oz.)13
Falafel patties4 (each 2" diameter or 1/2 oz.)10
Falafel patties, from mix (prepared according to package directions)24
Fennel (anise,sweet anise, or finocchio)1 cup or 1 oz.0
Fettuccini Alfredo1 cup16
Fettuccini Alfredo,frozen1 cup (7 oz.)7
Fettuccini with broccoli and chicken in Alfredo sauce, frozen1 cup (8 oz.)9
Fiddlefern (fiddlehead greens)1 cup0
Fig,dried1 (3/4 oz.)1
Fig,fresh1 (2 oz.)0
Filo dough,frozen1 oz. (about 1 1/2 sheets)2
Fish,Anchovies,canned in oil,drained61
Fish,Baked,stuffed1 serving8
Fish,Bass,striped,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)5
Fish,Blackened1 fillet (6 oz.)12
Fish,Bluefish,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)6
Fish,Carp,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)7
Fish,Catfish,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)6
Fish,Cod,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Dried1 oz.2
Fish,Eel1 oz.2
Fish,Flounder1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Fried1 fillet (6 oz.)12
Fish,Grouper1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Haddock,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Halibut,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)5
Fish,Herring,cooked1 oz.1
Fish,Mackeral,canned1/2 cup3
Fish,Mackeral,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)8
Fish,Mahimahi(dolphinfish),cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Perch,cooked6 oz.4
Fish,Pike,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Pollock,cooked6 oz.4
Fish,Pompano,cooked6 oz.9
Fish,Rockfish,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Salmon,canned1/2 cup (4 oz.)4
Fish,Salmon,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)7
Fish,Salmon,grilled,frozen3 oz.2
Fish,Salmon,smoked1 oz.1
Fish,Sardines,canned in oil,drained53
Fish,Smelt,cooked1 oz.1
Fish,Snapper,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Sole,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Fish,Stuffed,frozen1 (5 oz.)5
Fish,Swordfish,cooked1 steak (6 oz.)4
Fish,Trout,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)8
Fish,Trout,rainbow,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)6
Fish,Tuna,canned in oil,drained1/2 cup5
Fish,Tuna,canned in water1/2 cup3
Fish,Tuna,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)6
Fish,Tuna,grilled,frozen1 oz.2
Fish,Whitefish,smoked2 oz.1
Fish,Whiting,cooked6 oz.4
Fish amandine1 fillett (6 oz.)13
Fish and brewis1 cup13
Fish and cheese sandwich,fried,fast food113
Fish and chips5 oz. fish fillet with 20 chips (french-fries)16
Fish fillet,battered,frozen (prepared without fat)1 small (3 oz.)5
Fish fillet,grilled,with garlic butter,frozen1 (3 3/4 oz.)3
Fish fillet,grilled,with lemon pepper,frozen1 (3 3/4 oz.)3
Fish fillets,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)2 (3 3/4 oz.)7
Fish fillets,light,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)3 1/43
Fish fillet,sandwich,frozen1 (4 1/2 oz.)8
Fish portions,breaded or battered, prepared from minced fish,frozen (prepared without fat)3 oz.5
Fish sticks,breaded,frozen44
Fish Veronique6 oz.11
Flan3/4 cup8
Flanken2 slices (4 oz.)8
Flatbreads3/4 oz.1
Flauta,Beef1 (6" x 1 1/4")12
Flauta,Chicken1 (6" x 1 1/4")10
Flauta,Pork1 (6" x 1 1/4")11
Flour,any type1 tsp.0
Flour,any type3 tbsp. (3/4 oz.)1
Flour,Potato1 tsp.0
Flour,Potato1/4 cup2
Flour,soy1/4 cup2
Flour,White1 cup9
Flour,White3 tbsp.1
Flour,White1 tsp.0
Flour,Whole Wheat1 cup8
Flour,Whole Wheat3 tbsp.1
Flour,Whole Wheat1 tsp.0
Focaccia1 piece (10" diameter)25
Focaccia bread,any type,store-bought2 oz.3
Fondue,cheese1/2 cup fondue with 2 oz. bread12
Frankfurter,Rolls,light1 (1 1/2 oz.)2
Frankfurter,Rolls,reduced-calorie1 (1 1/2 oz.)1
Frankfurter,Rolls,regular1 (1 1/2 oz.)3
Frankfurter,beef and pork,regular1 (1 3/4 oz.)5
Frankfurter,beef and pork,fat-free1 (1 3/4 oz.)1
Frankfurter,beef and pork,light1 (1 3/4 oz.)2
Frankfurter,beef and pork, with cheese1 (1 3/4 oz.)5
Frankfurter,chicken1 (2 oz.)4
Frankfurter,turkey1 (2 oz.)3
Frankfurter,turkey,fat-free1 (1 1/2 oz.)1
Frankfurter,turkey,light1 (2 oz.)3
Franks in blankets,frozen6 (3 oz.)9
French fries20 (each about 4 1/2" long) or 2 oz.)10
French fries,fast food1 large serving13
French fries,fast food1 medium serving10
French fries,fast food1 small serving6
French fries,frozen,baked15 (3 oz.)2
French toast2 slices7
French toast,frozen,baked2 slices (4 oz.)5
French toast sticks,fast food,without syrup612
French toast sticks,frozen3 (2 1/2 oz.)6
Fried ice cream1 scoop (1/2 cup)9
Fritters,corn3 (each 2 1/2" x 2")5
Fritters,vegetable1 cup10
Frog's legs,fried2 (3 oz. with bone)4
Fromage frais (soft cheese with fruit)3 1/2 oz.3
Frosting,store-bought,regular or reduced-fat2 tbsp (1 oz.)3
Fructose1 tbsp1
Fruit,candied2 tbsp.1
Fruit,dried,mixed1/4 cup (1 1/2 oz.)2
Fruit,spreadable1 1/2 tbsp.1
Fruit butter,any type1 tbsp.1
Fruitcake1 slice (2 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1/2") or 2 oz.4
Fruit cocktail,unsweetened,canned1 cup (9 oz.)2
Fruit compote1/2 cup4
Fruit drink mix,powdered8 fl. oz. prepared2
Fruit-flavored pieces1 package2
Fruit-flavored rolls1 large1
Fruit-flavored rolls1 small1
Fruit ice1 scoop (1/2 cup)3
Fruit juice,combined,any type1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Fruit juice bar,frozen1 (2 1/2 oz.)1
Fruit juice bars,no sugar added,frozen2 (each 2 oz.)1
Fruit juice cup,frozen1 (6 1/2 oz.)3
Fruit pie,individual,store-bought1 (4 1/2 oz.)10
Fruit pie filling,canned1/3 cup (3 oz.)2
Fruit pie filling,light,canned1/3 cup (3 oz.)1
Fruit salad1 cup (9 oz.)2
Fudge,plain1 piece (1" x 2") or 1 oz.3
Funnel cake1/2 (8" diameter)12

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Garlic bread1 slice (1 oz.)4
Garlic bread,frozen1 piece4
Gazpacho1 cup5
Gazpacho,canned1 cup1
Gefilte fish1 piece (2 1/2 oz.)2
Gelatin,fruit flavored1/2 cup prepared2
Gelatin,fruit flavored,sugar free1/2 cup prepared0
Gelatin-fruit mold1/2 cup3
General Tso's chicken1 cup15
Gherkins,fresh1 cup or 1 medium0
Giardeniera (vegetable medley, without olives, packed in vinegar)1 cup0
Gin1 jigger ( 1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Gin and tonic1 ( 6 fl. oz.)4
Gingerbread3" square6
Gin gimlet1 (2 1/2 fl. oz.)3
Gizzards,cooked1 oz.1
Gnocchi,any type1 cup7
Gnocchi,cheese1 cup13
Gnocchi,potato1 cup4
Gnocchi,spinach1 cup9
Goat meat,cooked1 oz.1
Gobo (burdock)1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Goose,wild,cooked1 oz.1
Gooseberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Gourd,white,flowered1 cup0
Graham cracker crumbs2 tbsp.1
Graham crackers2 (2 1/2" squares) or 1/2 oz.1
Graham crackers,chocolate-covered2 (1/2 oz.)2
Graham crackers,mini,any variety3/4 oz.2
Granola bar,any type other than chocolate-covered1 (1 oz.)3
Granola bar,chocolate-covered1 (1 1/3 oz.)4
Granola bar,reduced-calorie1 (1 oz.)2
Grapefruit1 (16 oz.)2
Grapefruit juice,any type1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Grapefruit sections1 cup (9 oz.)1
Grape juice (carbonated or non-carbonated)1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Grape leaves1 cup0
Grapes1 cup, 20 small or 12 large1
Gravy,beef,chicken or turkey,canned1/4 cup1
Gravy,brown1/4 cup2
Gravy,cream1/4 cup3
Gravy,fat-free,canned1/2 cup1
Gravy,sausage,canned1/4 cup2
Gravy and salisbury steak,frozen1 steak with gravy (4 3/4 oz.)4
Gravy and sliced beef,canned1/2 cup (5 oz.)6
Gravy and sliced beef,frozen2 slices with gravy (4 3/4 oz.)2
Gravy and sliced turkey,frozen2 slices with gravy (4 3/4 oz.)2
Greek salad,with dressing3 cups8
Green papaya1 cup1
Greens (beet,chard,collard,dandelion,kale,mustard,turnip),cooked1 cup0
Green tea ice cream1 scoop (1/2 cup)4
Grouper1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Guacamole1/4 cup2
Guacamole,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)2
Guava1 (4 oz.) or 1/3 pulp1
Guinea hen,cooked1 oz.1
Gum,chewing,with sugar or sugarless1 stick or piece0
Gumbo,seafood,with rice1 cup3
Gumbo,seafood,with rice,store-bought1 cup (9 oz.)5
Gumbo,with rice mix1/4 cup mix (1 1/2 oz.)3
Gumbo base (seasoning mix)1 1/2 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)1
Gumdrops8 (1 oz.)3
Gyro1 (6")12

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Haddock1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Half and Half2 tbsp.(1 fl. oz.)1
Halibut1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Halvah1 piece (2" x 1 3/4" x 1")5
Halvah,store-bought1 1/2 oz.6
Ham,cooked1 slice, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded or 2 oz.3
Ham,glazed, with pineapple4 oz. ham with 1/2 pineapple slice6
Ham and cheese sandwich,grilled115
Hamantaschen1 piece (3" diameter)3
Hamburger,microwave,frozen1 small (1 1/2 oz.)3
Hamburger bun,13
Hamburger bun,light,12
Hamburger bun,reduced-calorie11
Hamburger,dinner in a box1 cup prepared7
Hamburger,microwave,frozen1 small (1 1/2 oz.)3
Hamburger,without mayonnaise,lettuce & tomato19
Haroset1 cup4
Hash,corned beef,canned1 cup10
Hash,roast beef,canned1 cup9
Hazelnut and chocolate spread1 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)2
Hazelnuts20 nuts (1 oz. shelled)4
Heart,Beef,cooked1 oz.1
Heart,Chicken,cooked1 oz.1
Hearts of palm (palmetto)1 cup (7 oz.)0
Herring,chopped1/4 cup4
Herring,cooked1 oz.2
Herring,pickled1/2 cup2
Herring fillets,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)3
Herring in cream sauce,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)3
Herring in wine sauce,store-bought1/2 cup (2 oz.)2
Herring salad1/4 cup (2 oz.)3
Highball1 (6 fl. oz.)3
Hoisin sauce1 tsp.0
Hollandaise sauce1/4 cup8
Hollandaise sauce,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)4
Hominy,whole1 cup cooked2
Hominy grits1 cup cooked (9 oz.) or 1 1/2 oz. uncooked2
Honey1 tbsp.1
Honey1 cup20
Honey bun,glazed1 (4' x 3" oval)6
Honey cake1 slice (5" x 3" x 1")7
Honey roll15
Honeydew melon1/8 (6 oz.) or 1 cup1
Horseradish,prepared1 tbsp.0
Horseradish sauce,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)3
Horseradish tree leaves (marongay)1 cup or 1 oz.0
Hot and sour soup1 cup2
Hot chocolate,homemade,without whipped topping1 cup (8 fl. oz.)6
Hot chocolate,homemade,with whipped topping1 cup (8 fl. oz.)7
Hot dog sauce1/4 cup (2 oz.)1
Huevos rancheros2 eggs on 2 tortillas14
Hummus,any type1/4 cup3
Hummus,store-bought1/4 cup2
Hunan Beef1 cup9
Hush puppies24
Hush puppies,frozen (prepared without fat3 (2 oz.)2
Hush puppy mix1/4 cup mix (1 oz.)3

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Ice cream,fat-free,no sugar added1 scoop (1/2 cup)2
Ice cream,fat-free,sweetened with sugar1 scoop (1/2 cup)2
Ice cream,fried1 scoop (1/2 cup)11
Ice cream,light,no sugar added1 scoop (1/2 cup)2
Ice cream,light,sweetened with sugar1 scoop (1/2 cup)3
Ice cream,premium1 scoop (1/2 cup)7
Ice cream,regular1 scoop (1/2 cup)4
Ice cream bar,chocolate-covered1 (3 fl. oz.)5
Ice cream bar,chocolate-covered,with crisp rice,no sugar added1 (1 1/2 oz.)3
Ice cream bar,chocolate-covered,with crisp rice,sweetened with sugar1 (2 oz.)5
Ice cream cone,plain or sugar1 small1
Ice cream sandwich14
Ice cream sandwich,reduced-calorie14
Ice cream soda1 (12 fl. oz.)8
Ice cream sundae1 scoop (1/2 cup) ice cream with syrup,nuts, and whipped topping8
Ice cream sundae cone1 (3 1/2 oz.)8
Ice pop,fruit-flavored1 (1 3/4 fl. oz.)1
Instant breakfast1 envelope prepared with 1 cup reduced-fat(2%) milk5
Instant breakfast1 envelope prepared with 1 cup fat-free milk4
Instant breakfast1 envelope prepared with 1 cup whole milk6
Irish brown stew1 cup7
Irish coffee1 (6 fl. oz. with 2 tbsp. whipped cream)4
Irish soda bread1/12 of 8" round loaf or 3 1/2 oz.5
Italian Ice,resturant prepared1/2 cup1
Italian toast snacks,store-bought4 (1 oz.)3

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Jackfruit1/2 cup2
Jalapenos,stuffed (prepared without fat)2 (each 1 oz.)4
Jambalaya,chicken,with rice1 1/2 cups9
Jambalaya,fish,with rice1 1/2 cups7
Jambalaya mix1/4 cup (1 1/2 oz.)3
Jam,jelly, or preserves1 tbsp.1
Jelly beans10 (1 oz.)2
Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes)1 cup (5 oz.)0
Jicama (yam bean root,chop suey root,Chinese yam)1 cup or 4 oz.0

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Kabobs,beef,chicken, or lamb2 skewers8
Kabobs,fish2 skewers6
Kasha (buckwheat groats)1 cup cooked or 2 oz. uncooked3
Kasha varnishkes1 cup4
Kataifi1 piece (2" long)5
Ketchup1/4 cup1
Key Lime pie1/8 of 9" one-crust pie12
Kheer1/2 cup5
Kibbe,baked3 (1 1/2" squares)3
Kibbe,uncooked1/2 cup4
Kidney,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)2
Kim Chee (Korean-style pickled vegetables)1 cup (4 oz.)0
Kishke1 small piece4
Kiwi fruit1 (4 oz.)1
Knish,any type1 (3 1/2" square)6
Knish,potato,store-bought1 (4 1/2 oz.)3
Knockwurst2 oz.5
Kohlrabi,cooked or uncooked1 cup or 2 medium0
Kreplachs,boiled2 (each 4" x 3" x 3")5
Kreplachs,fried2 (each 4" x 3" x 3")7
Kreplachs,frozen4 (3 oz.)4
Kugel,lukschen1 piece (3" x 3 1/4")7
Kugel,noodle,store-bought1/2 cup (4 oz.)3
Kugel,potato1 piece (3" x 3 1/4")3
Kugel,potato,store-bought1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz.)4
Kumquats10 small or 5 medium (3 oz.)1
Kung pao chicken1 cup16
Kung pao sauce2 tbsp.1

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Ladyfingers,store-bought1 large or 2 small (1/2 oz.)1
Lamb,ground,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)4
Lamb,regular,cooked1 slice,1 chop,1/2 cup cubed or shredded or 2 oz.4
Lamb,lean (leg and loin cuts with all visible fat trimmed),cooked1 slice,1chop,1/2 cup cubed or shredded or 2 oz.3
Lamb,biryani1 cup12
Lamb's quarters,cooked1 cup1
Lamb stew1 cup5
Lard1 tbsp.3
Lasagna,cheese,with tomato sauce,frozen1 package (10 oz.)8
Lasagna,chicken,frozen1 cup (7 oz.)5
Lasagna,vegetable,frozen1 cup (7 1/2 oz.)5
Lasagna,with meat1 cup6
Lasagna,with meat sauce,frozen1 cup (7 1/2 oz.)6
Lasgana noodles,uncooked2 1/2 or 2 oz.4
Lasagna,vegetable,frozen1 cup5
Lasagna,vegetarian,with cheese1 serving10
Lasagna,vegetarian,with cheese and spinach1 serving9
Latte,made with low-fat milk1 small (8 fl. oz.)3
Latte,made with fat-free milk1 small (8 fl. oz.)2
Latte,made with whole milk1 small (8 fl. oz.)3
Latte,made with low-fat milk1 tall (12 fl. oz.)4
Latte,made with fat-free milk1 tall (12 fl. oz.)2
Latte,made with whole milk1 tall (12 fl. oz.)5
Latte,made with low-fat milk1 grande (16 fl. oz.)4
Latte,made with fat-free milk1 grande (16 fl. oz.)3
Latte,made with whole milk1 grande (16 fl. oz.)6
Lavash1/4 of 10" cracker or 2 1/4 oz.6
Leeks,cooked or uncooked1 cup or 2oz.0
Lemonade1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Lemon grass chicken1 cup8
Lentils,dry1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Lentil soup1 cup3
Lentil soup,canned1 cup2
Lentil soup in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)3
Lettuce,any type1 cup0
Lichees,fresh10 medium (6 oz.)1
Licorice1 oz.2
Linguine,with red clam sauce1 cup linguine with 1/2 cup sauce6
Linguine,with white clam sauce1 cup linguine with 1/2 cup sauce8
Liqueurs,any type1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)4
Liquor (gin,rum,scotch,tequila,vodka,whiskey)1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Liver,beef,cooked1 slice or 1/2 cup (2 oz.)2
Liver,chopped1/4 cup5
Liver pate1 slice (4 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2") or 2 oz.3
Livers,chicken,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)2
Liver with bacon2 slices (4 oz.)9
Liver with onions2 slices (4 oz.)7
Liverwurst1 oz.3
Lobster bisque1 cup5
Lobster bisque,canned,made with low-fat or skim milk1 cup2
Lobster bisque,canned,made with whole milk1 cup3
Lobster Cantonese1 cup9
Lobster meat,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Lobster meat,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Lobster Newburg1 cup11
Lobster,roll sandwich15
Lobster salad1/2 cup4
Lobster salad sandwich18
Lobster,steamed1 (1 1/4 pound lobster or 4 1/2 oz. lobster meat)3
Lobster thermidor1 cup16
Loganberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Lollipop1 (2 1/4" diameter)1
Lo mein,with beef,chicken, or pork1 cup8
Lo mein,with shrimp1 cup8
Loquats10 (6 oz.)1
Lotus root,cooked1 cup or 16 slices1
Luncheon meat,canned2 oz.5
Luncheon meat,canned,light2 oz.3
Luncheon meat,fat-free2 oz.1
Luncheon meat,lean (less than 2g fat per oz), 1 slice or 1 oz.1 slice or 1 oz.1
Luncheon meat,regular(4 grams fat or more per oz.)1 slice (1 oz.)2

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Macadamia nuts12 nuts (1 oz. shelled)5
Macaroni1 cup cooked or 1 1/2 oz. uncooked3
Macaroni and cheese1 cup7
Macaroni and cheese,frozen1 cup (7 1/2 oz.)6
Macaroni and cheese,package mix1 cup prepared9
Macaroni and cheese in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)5
Macaroni salad1/2 cup6
Macaroni salad,store-bought1/2 cup (3 3/4 oz.)5
Mackarel,canned1/4 cup or 2 oz.2
Mackarel,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)8
Mahi mahi (dolphin fish),cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Mandarin orange,fresh1 (6 oz.)1
Mandarin orange,unsweetened,canned1 cup (8 oz.)2
Mandlebrot2 slices (3" x 2" x 1/2")3
Mango1 (8 oz.)2
Manhattan1 (2 fl. oz.)3
Manhattan clam chowder1 cup5
Manhattan clam chowder,canned1 cup2
Manicotti,cheese,without sauce,frozen2 (5 1/2 oz.)6
Manicotti,cheese,wtih tomato sauce,frozen1 package (10 oz.)8
Manicotti shells,dry2 (1 oz.)2
Manicotti with meat sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce15
Manicotti with tomato sauce2 shells with 1/2 cup sauce11
Maraschino cherry10
Margarine,fat-free4 tbsp.1
Margarine,reduced-calorie (stick)1 1/2 tsp.1
Margarine,reduced-calorie (tub)2 tsp.1
Margarine,regular1 tsp.1
Margarine,squeeze1 tsp.1
Margarita1 (4 fl. oz.)5
Margarita mix1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.) mix3
Marinara sauce1/2 cup3
Marinara sauce,store-bought1/2 cup (4 1/2 oz.)2
Marshmallow creme,store-bought2 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)1
Marshmallows2 medium (1/2 oz.)1
Martini1 (2 fl. oz.)3
Marzipan1 oz.3
Matzo,any type1 board (1 oz.)2
Matzo ball soup,canned1 cup2
Matzo brie1/4 of 10" round or 1 cup6
Matzo cake meal3 tbsp.2
Matzo cake meal1 tsp.0
Matzo farfel1/4 cup (1/2 oz.)1
Matzo meal3 tbsp.2
Matzo meal1 tsp.0
Mayonnaise,fat-free4 tbsp.1
Mayonnaise,reduced-calorie2 tsp.1
Mayonnaise,regular,commercial and homemade1 ttsp.1
Meat,canned2 oz.3
Meat,ground,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)6
Meat,ground,lean (10% or less fat),cooked1 patty (3 oz.)5
Meatballs,without sauce,frozen6 (3 oz.)6
Meatballs,with tomato sauce2 meatballs (each 1 1/2 " diameter) or 3 oz. with 1/2 cup sauce10
Meat loaf1 slice (5" x 2 1/2" x 3/4") or 5 1/4 oz.8
Meat spread,canned1/4 cup3
Melba toast,all varieties6 rounds or 4 slices (3/4 oz.)1
Melon balls1 cup (6 oz.)1
Menudo (beef tripe and hominy stew),canned1 cup (8 1/2 oz.)4
Meringue pie,any type1/8 of 9" pie9
Meringue pie,any type,frozen1 slice (5 oz.)7
Mexican coffee1 (6 fl. oz. with 2 tbsp. whipped cream)3
Milk,calcium-fortified (1%)1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Milk,calcium-fortified,skim1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Milk,evaporated,skimmed or low-fat1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)2
Milk,evaporated,whole1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)3
Milk,instant nonfat dry1/3 cup powder2
Milk,lactose-reduced (1%)1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Milk,lactose-reduced (2%)1 cup (8 fl. oz.)3
Milk,lactose-reduced,nonfat1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Milk,low-fat (1%) or light1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Milk,low-fat or reduced-fat (2%)1 cup (8 fl. oz.)3
Milk,skim,nonfat, or fat-free1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Milk,sweetened,condensed1/3 cup (3 fl. oz.)7
Milk,whole1 cup (8 fl. oz.)4
Milk shake,any flavor,fast food19
Millet1/3 cup cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Mimosa1 (6 fl. oz.)2
Mincemeat,store-bought1/4 cup (2 1/2 oz.)3
Mincemeat pie,with meat1/8 of 9" two-crust pie14
Mincemeat pie,without meat1/8 of 9" two-crust pie14
Mince pie,frozen1 slice (4 1/2 oz.) of two-crust pie7
Minestrone soup1 cup4
Minestrone soup,canned1 cup2
Minestrone soup,low-fat,canned1 cup2
Minestrone soup in a cup1 (1 1/2 oz. dry)2
Mint,chocolate-covered1 (2 1/2" diameter)3
Miso (fermented soybean paste)1 tsp.0
Miso soup1 cup2
Molasses,light or blackstrap1 tbsp.1
Mole sauce,brown,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)4
Mole sauce,green,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)4
Moo goo gai pan1 cup7
Moose,cooked1 oz.1
Moo shoo pork1/2 cup with 2 pancakes10
Mornay sauce1/4 cup4
Moussaka1 piece (3" x 4")12
Mozzarella,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)2 pieces (each 1/2 oz.)3
Mozzarella,fried2 slices (each 2 3/4" x 1" x 1/2")10
Muffin,any type (other than bran)1 large (3" diameter) or 4 oz.6
Muffin,any type,fast food16
Muffin,any type (other than bran),store-bought1 large (4 oz.)10
Muffin,any type (other than bran),store-bought2 mini (each 1 oz.)6
Muffin,bran1 large (3" diameter) or 4 oz.5
Muffin,bran,store-bought1 large (4 oz.)9
Muffin,breakfast (egg and cheese with sausage,ham, or canadian bacon on English muffin),frozen1 (4 1/2 oz.)7
Muffin,Englixh,any type1 (2 oz.)2
Muffin,fat-free1 small,1/2 large, or 2 oz.2
Mulberries1 cup (4 oz.)1
Muligatawny soup1 cup5
Mushroom-barley soup1 cup5
Mushroom gravy and charbroiled beef patty,frozen1 patty with gravy (5 3/4 oz.)4
Mushrooms1 cup0
Mushrooms,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)7 (3 oz.)3
Mushrooms,dried1 cup reconstituted, 4 large, or 16 small0
Mushrooms,marinated1/2 cup4
Mushroom soup,cream of1 cup8
Mushroom soup,cream of,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Mushroom soup,cream of,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup4
Mushroom soup,cream of,low-fat,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup2
Mussels,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Mussels,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Mussels marinieres4 mussels with 3 tbsp. sauce7

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Naan1 piece (7" - 8" diameter)4
Nachos,cheese and bean49
Nachos with cheese sauce1/2 cup tortilla chips with 1/4 cup cheese sauce5
Nam Prik1 tbsp.1
Nebeyaki udon2 cups8
Napoleon1 (4 1/2" x 2" x 1 1/2")13
Nectar,any type1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Nectarine1 (4 oz.)1
New England clam chowder1 cup5
New England clam chowder,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
New England clam chowder,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup4
New England clam chowder,low-fat,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup2
Noodles,cellophane,cooked1 cup3
Noodles,egg1 cup cooked or 1 1/2 oz. uncooked3
Noodles,Oriental (bean thread)1 cup prepared4
Noodles and sauce mix1/2 cup prepared3
Nuoc cham1 tbsp.0
Nuts,mixed,1 oz. shelled4
Nuts,wheat-based1 oz. shelled5

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Oat milk,any flavor1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Oil,vegetable1 tsp.1
Oil,vegetable1 cup58
Okra,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)3/4 cup or 18 (3 oz.)2
Okra,cooked1 cup0
Okra,fried1 cup8
Old-fashioned1 (2 fl. oz.)3
Olives10 small or 6 large (1 oz.)1
Olive spread,store-bought1 tbsp. (1/2 oz.)2
Omelet,ham and cheese,2-egg19
Omelet,herb or plain,2-egg16
Onion,blooming,battered and fried1/4 (16" diameter)6
Onion rings,fast food1 medium serving(8-9 onion rings)10
Onion rings,fried4 (each 4" diameter) or 3 oz.6
Onion rings,frozen (prepared without fat)10 large rings(3-4" diameter)7
Onions,cooked1 cup1
Onions,uncooked1 cup0
Onion soup, French, au gratin1 cup6
Onion soup mix1 cup prepared or 1/2 envelope1
Opossum,cooked1 oz.1
Orange1 (5 oz.)1
Orange-grapefruit juice1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Orange juice,any type1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Orange roughy,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Orange sections1 cup (6 oz.)1
Oriental soup in a cup1 (1 oz. dry)2
Oriental soup mix,single-serving1 cup prepared7
Osso bucco6 oz. veal with 1/4 cup sauce13
Ostrich,cooked1 oz.1
Oyster crackers20 (1/2 oz.)1
Oysters,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Oysters,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Oyster sauce1 tsp.0
Oysters Rockefeller4 oysters5
Oyster Pie1 slice (1/8 of 9" pie)9
Oyster po' boy1 (6")17
Oyster stew,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Oyster stew,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup4

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Pad Thai1 cup7
Paella1 cup7
Pancake,any type,homemade,frozen, or made from mix1 (4" diameter)2
Pancake and sausage on a stick1 (2 oz.)5
Pancakes,fast food3, without margarine and syrup6
Pancakes,mini,frozen,without syrup6 (2 1/4 oz.)3
Panettone1/12 of 9" tube or 1 1/2 oz.6
Papaya1/2 (8 oz.) or 1 cup (5 oz.)1
Paprikash2 cups (1 1/2 cups chicken mixture with 1/2 cup sauce)9
Paratha4" triangle4
Parsnips,cooked or uncooked1 cup or 6 oz.1
Passion fruit3 (3 oz.)1
Passover sponge cake1/12 of 9" tube3
Pasta,any type1 cup cooked or 1 1/2 oz. uncooked3
Pasta e fagioli1 cup7
Pasta Primavera2 cups6
Pasta salad1/2 cup3
Pasta salad,store-bought1/2 cup (3 3/4 oz.)3
Pasta salad mix,packaged (prepared according to directions)1/2 cup prepared4
Pasta shells,stuffed with ricotta cheese,without sauce,frozen2-3 pieces (5 1/4 oz.)6
Pasta soup with vegetables,canned1 cup2
Pastitsio1 piece (3 1/4" x 3")11
Pastrami luncheon meat1 slice (1 oz.)3
Pastrami luncheon meat (made from turkey)1 slice (1 oz.)2
Pate,fish,store-bought2 oz.3
Pate,meat,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)5
Peach,fresh1 (6 oz.)1
Peaches,unsweetened,canned1 cup (9 oz.)2
Peach melba1 scoop (1/2 cup) ice cream with 2 peach halves and raspberry sauce8
Peanut brittle1 oz.4
Peanut brittle,store-bought4 pieces (1 oz.)3
Peanut butter1 tbsp.2
Peanut buttter,reduced-fat1 tbsp.2
Peanut sauce,Thai,canned2 tbsp. (1 oz.)1
Peanuts40 nuts (1 oz. shelled)4
Peanuts,chocolate-covered1 oz.4
Peanuts,honey,reduced-fat1/4 cup (3/4 oz.)2
Pear,fresh1 (5 oz.)1
Pear,poached1 pear with 2 tbsp. whipped cream4
Pears,unsweetened,canned1 cup (9 oz.)2
Peas,dry,black-eyed1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Peas,dry,split1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Peas,green,cooked or uncooked1 cup or 6 oz.1
Pecan pie1/8 or 9" one-crust pie11
Pecan pie,frozen1 slice (4 1/2 oz.) of one-crust pie10
Pecans14 halves (1 oz. shelled)5
Peking duck2 oz. duck with 1 piece duck skin and 3 pancakes11
Pepper,bell1 cup, 1 medium or 4 oz.0
Pepper,chili1 cup, 1 medium or 6 oz.0
Pepper,jalapeno,canned1 cup or 6 oz.0
Pepper,stuffed with beef,in tomato sauce,frozen1 with sauce (7 oz.)4
Pepper,stuffed with beef and rice16
Pepperoni1 oz.4
Pepper steak6 oz.13
Perch,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Persimmon1 (6 oz.)2
Persian noodle soup,store-bought1 cup3
Persian pomegranate soup,store-bought1 cup4
Pesto sauce2 tbsp.3
Pesto sauce,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)3
Petite marmite2 cup7
Petit fours2 (each 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1")3
Pheasant,cooked1 oz.1
Phyllo dough,frozen1 oz. (about 1 1/2 sheets)2
Pickle,unsweetened1 cup or 1 medium0
Pickles,sweet2 large1
Pico de gallo1/2 cup0
Pie crust,any type1/8 of 9" one-crust pie5
Pie crust,any type1/8 of 9" two-crust pie7
Pie crust,any type,refrigerated or frozen1/8 of 9" one-crust pie2
Pierogies,cabbage4 (each 3 1/2")12
Pierogies,cheese4 (each 3 1/2")12
Pierogies,meat4 (each 3 1/2")12
Pierogies,potato4 (each 3 1/2")12
Pierogies,potato and cheese3 (4 oz.)4
Pierogies,potato and cheese or onion,low-fat,frozen3 (4 oz.)4
Pigeon,cooked1 oz.1
Pignolias (pine nuts)2 tbsp. + 2 tsp. (1 oz.)5
Pigs feet,pickled2 oz.2
Pigs in blankets2 (1 oz.)6
Pike,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Pimiento-cheese spread,reduced-fat,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)2
Pimiento-cheese spread,store-bought2 tbsp. (1 oz.)3
Pimientos,canned1 cup,6 whole, or 8 oz.0
Pina colada1 (6 fl. oz.)6
Pina colada mix1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)4
Pineapple,fresh1/4 (12 oz.) or 1 cup2
Pineapple chunks,unsweetened,canned1 cup (7 oz.)2
Pineapple juice1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Pistachios40 nuts (1 oz. shelled)4
Pita,any type1 small or 1/2 large (1 oz.)4
Pizza,Canadian-style bacon,frozen1 slice (5 oz.)7
Pizza,cheese,fast food,single serving114
Pizza,cheese,frozen1 slice (5 oz.)8
Pizza,cheese,frozen,single serving1 (7 oz.)13
Pizza,cheese,thin or thick crust1 slice (1/8 of 12" or 1/12 of 14"-16" pie)4
Pizza,cheese,thin or thick crust1 slice (1/8 of 18" pie)9
Pizza,hamburger,pepperoni,sausage, or supreme,frozen1 slice (5 oz.)8
Pizza,pepperoni,sausage, or supreme,frozen,single serving1 (7 oz.)14
Pizza,pepperoni,thin or thick crust1 slice (1/8 of 12" or 1/12 of 14"-16") pie)5
Pizza,pepperoni,thin or thick crust1 slice (1/8 of 18" pie)10
Pizza,vegetable,frozen1 slice (5 oz.)6
Pizza, crust dough,refrigerated, frozen, or ready-made1 oz.2
Pizza,pieces,frozen (prepared without fat)6 (3 oz.)5
Pizza sauce1/4 cup (2 oz.)1
Plantain1 cup (6 oz.)3
Plums2 (4 oz.)1
Plum sauce2 tbsp.2
Pocket sandwich,frozen,any type1 (4 1/2 oz.)8
Poi1/3 cup cooked (3 oz.)1
Polenta1/4 cup cooked (2 oz.)4
Polluck,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Pomegranate1 (12 oz.)2
Pomelo (pummelo)1 (16 oz.)3
Popcorn,buttered,popped3 cups popcorn (1 oz.)7
Popcorn,butter-flavored,popped3 cups (1 oz.)4
Popcorn,caramel-coated,popped3 cups (3 1/4 oz.)8
Popcorn,cheese-flavored,popped3 cups (1 1/4 oz.)6
Popcorn,light,butter-flavored,popped3 cups (1 oz.)2
Popcorn,light,caramel-coated,popped3 cups (3 1/4 oz.)6
Popcorn,light,cheese-flavored,popped3 cups (1 1/4 oz.)3
Popcorn,light,microwave-popped3 cups1
Popcorn,light,plain,popped3 cups (3/4 oz.)2
Popcorn,microwave-popped3 cups3
Popcorn,plain,hot-air popped3 cups1
Popcorn,plain,oil-popped3 cups3
Popcorn,plain,popped,packaged3 cups (1 oz.)4
Popcorn cakes,butter-flavored2 (1/2 oz.)1
Popcorn cakes,other than butter-flavored1, 6 mini, or 2 oz.1
Popovers2 (3" diameter) or 1 1/2 oz. each3
Pork,cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded, or 2 oz.5
Pork,lean (leg and loin cuts with all visible fat trimmed), cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded, or 2 oz.3
Pork and beans,canned1 cup (9 oz.)3
Pork in barbeque sauce,frozen1/4 cup (2 oz..)3
Pork rinds1 oz.4
Pork with cashews1 cup12
Potato,baked,stuffed with bacon and cheese18
Potato,baked,stuffed with bacon and cheese, fast food113
Potato,baked,stuffed with vegetables and cheese15
Potato,baked,stuffed with vegetables and cheese,fast food110
Potato,baked,with sour cream and chives,fast food18
Potato,stuffed with cheese,frozen1 (5 1/2 oz.)4
Potato,stuffed with sour cream and chives1 (5 1/2 oz.)4
Potato,sweet1 large (8 oz. cooked or 10 oz. uncooked) or 1cup3
Potato,white1 large (8 oz. cooked or 10 oz. uncooked) or 1 cup3
Potato chips14 (1 oz.)4
Potato chips,fat-free (made with Olean)1 oz.1
Potato chips,reduced-calorie14 (1 oz.)3
Potatoes,hash brown1 cup5
Potatoes,hash brown,fast food1 serving5
Potatoes,hash brown,frozen (no fat added)1 cup (3 oz.)1
Potatoes,hash-brown patty,frozen1 (3 oz.)3
Potatoes,home-fried1 cup4
Potatoes,mashed1/2 cup2
Potatoes,mashed,frozen (prepared according to package directions)2/3 cup2
Potatoes,mashed, in a cup1 (1 1/2 oz. dry)3
Potatoes,shoestring,canned1 cup (1 1/2 oz.)6
Potatoes au gratin1 cup12
Potatoes O' Brien,frozen (prepared without fat)1 cup (4 1/4 oz.)1
Potato flakes (instant mashed potatoes)1/3 cup (3/4 oz.) uncooked1
Potato latkes2 (3 1/2" diameter)5
Potato leek soup in a cup1 (1 oz. dry)2
Potato mix,flavored1/2 cup prepared3
Potato pancake,frozen1 (2 oz.)1
Potato pancake mix3 tbsp. mix (3/4 oz.)1
Potato puffs (appetizer pastry),frozen2 (each 1 oz.)2
Potato salad1/2 cup6
Potato salad,store-bought1/2 cup (4 oz.)4
Potato skins,frozen2 (4 oz.)5
Potato soup,cream of1 cup2
Potato soup,cream of,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup3
Potato soup,cream of,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup4
Potato soup,frozen1 package (7 1/2 oz.)2
Potato starch or flour3 tbsp.2
Potato starch or flour1 tsp.0
Potato sticks,shoestring1/2 cup (3/4 oz.)3
Potato tots,frozen (prepared without fat)9 (3 oz.)4
Pot pie,any type,fast food117
Pot pie,beef,chicken, or turkey,frozen1 (7 oz.)10
Pot stickers (filled won tons),pork or vegetable,frozen1 (1 1/2 oz.) or 2 (each 3/4 oz.)2
Poultry,ground,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)5
Poultry,ground,lean (10% or less fat),cooked1 pattty (3 oz.)4
Pound cake1 slice (5" x 3" x 1")9
Pound cake,store-bought1 slice (2 1/2 oz.)6
Pozole (pork and hominy soup),canned1 cup3
Pretzels,hard or Bavarian1 (3/4 oz.)2
Pretzels,rods2 (3/4 oz.)2
Pretzels,soft1 (2 1/2 oz.)3
Pretzels,sticks45 (3/4 oz.)2
Pretzels,twists,regular7 (3/4 oz.)2
Pretzels,twists,small15 (3/4 oz.)2
Prickly pear (cactus pear)1 (5 oz.)1
Profiterole1 small (1 oz.)2
Prune juice1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1
Prunes2 (3/4 oz.)1
Pudding,any flavor1 cup7
Pudding,bread1 cup9
Pudding,Indian1 cup12
Pudding,plum1/2 cup with 1 tbsp. sauce12
Pudding,ready-made1/2 cup4
Pudding,ready-made,reduced-calorie1/2 cup2
Pudding,reduced-calorie (made with skim,nonfat, or low-fat [1%] milk)1 cup2
Pudding,rice1 cup7
Pudding,tapioca1 cup6
Puff pastry dough,frozen2 oz.6
Pumpkin1 cup0
Pumpkin leaves1 cup0
Pumpkin pie1/8 of 9" one-crust pie8
Pumpkin pie,frozen1 slice (5 oz.) of one-crust pie6
Puris1 (4" diameter)2

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Quail,cooked1 oz.2
Quenelles8 (2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3/4") or 7 oz.14
Quesadilla,beef1 (1/2 of 6" diameter)7
Quesadilla,cheese1 (1/2 of 6" diameter)5
Quesadilla,chicken1 (1/2 of 6" diameter)6
Quesadilla,vegetable1 (1/2 of 6" diameter)6
Quiche,appetizer,frozen2 (each 3/4 oz.)3
Quiche,crab,frozen1 serving (5 oz.)11
Quiche,vegetable1/8 of 9" pie9
Quiche,vegetable,frozen1 serving (5 oz.)9
Quiche Lorraine1/8 of 9" pie12
Quiche Lorraine,frozen1 serving (5 1/2 oz.)10
Quince1 (6 oz.)1
Quinoa2 tbsp. dry (3/4 oz.)1

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Rabbit,cooked1 oz.1
Raccoon,cooked1 oz.2
Radish,white (Oriental,Daikon)1 cup0
Radishes1 cup0
Raisins1/4 cup (1 1/2 oz.)2
Raisins,chocolate-covered1 oz.2
Raita1/2 cup1
Ramen noodle soup mix3 oz. dry8
Ramen noodle soup mix,low-fat3 oz. package prepared6
Ramen soup in a cup,low-fat1 (2 oz. dry)3
Raspberries1 1/2 cups1
Ratatouille1 cup5
Ravioli,beef,breaded,frozen6 (4 oz.)5
Ravioli,beef,in meat sauce,canned1 cup5
Ravioli,beef or chicken,without sauce,frozen1 cup (4 oz.)4
Ravioli,cheese with tomato sauce8 pieces or 1 cup with 1/2 cup sauce16
Ravioli,cheese,breaded,frozen6 (4 oz.)7
Ravioli,cheese,without sauce,frozen1 cup (4 oz.)6
Ravioli,meat with tomato sauce8 pieces or 1 cup with 1/2 cup tomato sauce14
Ravioli,meat,without sauce8 pieces or 1 cup with 1/2 cup tomato sauce12
Red beans and rice soup in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)3
Red snapper,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Red snapper,Veracruz1 fillet (6 oz.)with 3/4 cup sauce11
Relish,any type1 tsp.0
Remoulade sauce1 tbsp.2
Reuben sandwich117
Rhubarb,cooked,with sugar1 cup5
Rhubarb,uncooked,diced1 cup0
Rhubarb pie1/8 oof 9" two-crust pie11
Ribs,barbequed4 (each 7" long)11
Rice,brown1 cup cooked4
Rice dirty1 cup9
Rice,dirty,mix (prepared without fat)1 cup prepared3
Rice,fried,chicken or pork,frozen1 cup2
Rice,fried,with beef,chicken,pork, or shrimp1/2 cup8
Rice,Spanish1 cup5
Rice,Spanish,canned1 cup (9 oz.)3
Rice,wild1 cup cooked3
Rice,white1 cup4
Rice (crisp) and marshmallow treat1 small (3/4 oz.)2
Rice cakes,other than plain1 (1/2 oz.)1
Rice cakes,plain2 (3/4 oz.) or 6 mini1
Rice crackers8 (1/2 oz.)1
Rice drink1 cup (8 fl. oz.)3
Rice drink,chocolate1 cup (8 fl. oz.)4
Rice drink,fat-free1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Rice mix,flavored,any type1/2 cup prepared3
Rice noodles,packaged1/2 cup prepared3
Rice pilaf1 cup7
Risotto1/2 cup4
Roll,any type (e.g.,dinner,hamburger,frankfurter)1 (2 oz.)3
Roll,crescent dinner,store-bought1 (1 oz.)2
Roll,high-fiber (3 grams or more dietary fiber per roll)1 (2 oz.)2
Roll,light (hamburger or frankfurter)1 (1 1/2 oz.)2
Roux,store-bought1 tbsp.5
Rugalach1 piece (2 1/2" x 1 1/4"), 1 oz.3
Rum1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Rutabaga1 cup0

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Sachertort1/16 of 9" cake8
Saimin1 cup2
Salad,grilled chicken,without dressing,fast food14
Salad,mixed greens1 cup0
Salad,side,without dressing,fast food1 serving0
Salad dressing,fat-free (except Italian)2 tbsp.1
Salad dressing,fat-free,Italian2 tbsp.0
Salad dressing,reduced-calorie (except Italian)2 tbsp.2
Salad dressing,reduced-calorie,Italian2 tbsp.1
Salad dressing,regular,any type2 tbsp.4
Salad Nicoise,with dressing4 cups13
Salad Nicoise,without dressing4 cups5
Salami,any type1 oz.3
Salmon,canned1/2 cup (4 oz.)4
Salmon,cooked1 fillet or steak (6 oz.)7
Salmon,grilled,frozen3 oz.2
Salmon,smoked1 oz.1
Salmon salad,kippered (with mayonnaise)2 oz.5
Salsa1/2 cup0
Salsa con queso2 tbsp. (1 oz.)2
Salsify (oyster plant)1 cup0
Saltines6 (3/4 oz.)2
Sangria4 fl. oz.2
Sardines,canned,packed in oil5 (2 oz.)3
Sashimi (except salmon or mackerel)4 pieces1
Sashimi,salmon or mackerel4 pieces2
Satay2 skewers with 1/4 cup sauce9
Sauerbraten3 oz. beef with 2 tbsp. gravy6
Sauerkraut1 cup (8 oz.)0
Sausage,beef or pork,cooked1 link or patty or 1 oz.3
Sausage,low-fat, (1 gram fat or less per oz.)2 oz.2
Sausage biscuit,fast food112
Sausage biscuit,frozen1 large or 2 small (3 oz.)7
Sausage in brioche1 slice (2 " thick)15
Sausages,mini6 (2 oz.)/td>5
Scallions (green onions)1 cup or 16 medium (3 oz.)0
Scallops,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Scallops,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Scallops,fried20 (3 1/2 oz.)7
Scallops,fried,frozen (prepared without fat)3 1/4 oz.5
Schmaltz1 tbsp3
Schnapps,any flavor1 fl. oz.2
Schav,canned1 cup0
Scone1 triangle (4" x 4" x 5 1/2") or 2 1/2 oz.5
Scotch1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Screwdriver1 (6 fl. oz.)4
Seafood salad,store-bought1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz.)6
Seeds,caraway1 tsp.0
Seeds,poppy1 tsp.0
Seeds,pumpkin or sunflower1 tbsp.1
Seeds,sesame1 tsp.0
Seitan2 slices (2 oz.) or 2 tbsp. prepared mix1
Seltzer,plain or flavored,unsweetened1 can or bottle (12 fl. oz.)0
Sesame candy1 piece (2" x 1")2
Sesame noodles1 cup7
Sesame sticks,store-bought1/3 cup (1 oz.)4
Shabu shabu1 serving (4 oz. beef,2 oz. tofu, and 1 1/2 cups vegetables)8
Shallots1 cup or 6 oz.0
Shark,cooked1 steak (6 oz.)4
Sharon fruit3 oz.1
Shells,jumbo,dry3 (1 oz.)2
Shells,stuffed with cheese,no sauce,frozen2 (4 1/2 oz.)6
Shepard's pie1 cup9
Sherbet1 scoop (1/2 cup)3
Sherry,dry or sweet3 fl. oz.2
Shish kabob2 small skewers10
Shortcakes,store-bought2 (each 1 oz.)4
Shrimp,broiled,stuffed6 large14
Shrimp,butterfly,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)3 1/2 oz.6
Shrimp,canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2
Shrimp,cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Shrimp,fried10 medium8
Shrimp,fried,stuffed6 large9
Shrimp,popcorn,breaded,frozen (prepared without fat)1 cup (3 oz.)5
Shrimp Cantonese1 cup9
Shrimp puffs6 (1 1/2" rounds)7
Shrimp salad1/2 cup4
Shrimp salad sandwich19
Shrimp scampi9 medium shrimp (3 oz.)11
Shrimp toast1 piece2
Sinapore sling1 (6 fl. oz.)4
Sloppy joe18
Sloppy joe sauce,store-bought1/4 cup (2 oz.)1
Smelt,cooked1 oz.1
Snack mix,Oriental,low-fat,store bought1/2 cup (1 oz.)2
Snack mix,reduced-fat,store bought1/2 cup (1 oz.)3
Snack mix,store-bought1/2 cup (1 oz.)4
Snacks,corn,potato, or rice (3 grams fat or less per oz.)3/4 oz.2
Snow peas (Chinese pea pods)1 cup (4 oz.)0
Soda,club1 can or bottle (1 1/2 cups or 12 fl. oz.)0
Soft drinks,diet,any flavor1 can or bottle (1 1/2 cups or 12 fl. oz.)0
Soft drinks,sugar-sweetened,any flavor1 can or bottle (1 1/2 cups or 12 fl. oz.)3
Sole,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Sopaipillas2 (each 4" x 3")2
Sorbet1 scoop (1/2 cup)2
Souffle,cheese1 cup (6 oz.)7
Souffle,fruit1/2 cup4
Soup,high-fiber,canned (7 grams or more dietary fiber per cup)1 cup1
Sour cream,light3 tbsp.1
Sour cream,nonfat1/4 cup1
Sour cream,regular1 tbsp.1
Sour cream,tofu1 oz.1
Soursop (guanabana)1/8 fruit (4 oz.) or 1/3 cup pulp1
Souvalaki1 large skewer10
Souvalaki sandwich17
Soybean nuts1/4 cup (1 oz.)3
Soybeans,dry1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Soy beverage drink1 cup (8 fl. oz.)3
Soy beverage drink,reduced-fat1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Soy cheese,nonfat1 slice,1 (1") cube,3 tbsp. shredded,2 tbsp.grated or 3/4 oz.1
Soy cheese,regular1 slice, 1 (1") cube,3 tbsp. shredded,2 tbsp. grated or 3/4 oz.2
Soy flour3 tbsp.2
Soy milk1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Soy milk,fat-free1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Soy sauce1 tbsp.0
Soy yogurt,flavored3/4 cup (6 oz.)3
Soy yogurt,plain3/4 cup (6 oz.)3
Spaetzle1/2 cup4
Spaghetti1 cup cooked or 1 1/2 oz. uncooked3
Spaghetti Bolognese1 cup spaghetti with 1/2 cup sauce9
Spaghetti carbonara1 cup10
Spaghetti in tomato sauce,with cheese,canned1 cup3
Spaghetti in tomato sauce,with meatballs,canned1 cup5
Spaghetti sauce,bottled,any type1/2 cup (4 1/2 oz.)2
Spaghetti sauce,botted,any type,reduced-fat1/2 cup (4 1/2 oz.)1
Spaghetti squash,cooked1 cup (6 oz.)0
Spaghetti with marinara sauce1 cup6
Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs1 cup spaghetti with 1/2 cup sauce12
Spanakpita3" square9
Spanakpita,frozen2 pieces (each 1 oz.)4
Spanish sauce1/2 cup1
Spareribs,Chinese,barbequed3 (each 3 1/2" long)7
Spareribs,pork,barbequed3 (each 3 1/2" long)7
Spinach,cooked or uncooked1 cup0
Spinach,salad,with bacon,mushrooms,and dressing2 cups12
Split pea soup1 cup4
Split pea soup,canned1 cup3
Split pea soup,frozen1 cup2
Split pea soup in a cup1 (2 oz. dry)3
Sponge cake1/12 of 9" tube4
Spoon bread1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz.)5
Sports drink1 cup (8 fl. oz.)1
Spreadable fruit1 1/2 tbsp.1
Spring roll,with beef,chicken,pork, or shrimp1 (4 1/2" long)4
Sprinkles,any type1 tbsp.1
Sprouts,alfalfa1 cup (1 oz.)0
Sprouts,bean1 cup (4 oz.)0
Spumoni1 scoop (1/2 cup)6
Squab1 oz. cooked1
Squash,summer (caserta,chayote [pipinola,pattypan] ,cocozelle,mirleton,scallop [cymling,pattypan] ,vegetable marrow,yellow [crookneck,straightneck] )1 cup or 6 oz. cooked0
Squash,winter(acorn [table queen] ,banana,buttercup,butternut,calabaza,cushaw,Des Moines,dumpling,golden nugget,hubbard,peppercorn)1 cup or 7 oz. cooked1
Squash leaves1 cup0
Squid,cooked3 oz.2
Squirrel,cooked1 oz.1
Steak,blackened6 oz.16
Steak,chicken-fried6 oz. with 1/4 cup cream gravy15
Steak,cooked1 small (4 oz.)7
Steak,lean (round or loin cuts with all visible fat trimmed),cooked1 small (4 oz.)5
Steak,salisbury6 oz.12
Steak au poivre6 oz. steak with 1 tbsp. sauce15
Steak sandwich,frozen1 (2 oz.)5
Steak sauce1 tbsp.0
Stir-fried beef,chicken,or pork,with garlic or black bean sauce1 cup8
Stir-fry kit,chicken,frozen (prepared without fat)1 cup prepared3
Strawberries,fresh or frozen (unsweetened)1 cup1
Strawberry shortcake1/12 of 9" cake or 1 filled individual shortcake7
Strudel,any type1 piece (5 1/2" x 2")8
Stuffing1/2 cup4
Stuffing mix,bread1/2 cup prepared4
Succotash1 cup or 6 oz. cooked2
Sugar,any type1 tbsp.1
Sugar snap peas,cooked1 cup0
Suimono1 cup1
Sukiyaki2 1/2 cups12
Sunomono1/2 cup1
Sushi,maki (vegetables and rice rolled in seaweed)4 pieces1
Sushi,nigiri (slicesd raw fish over rice>4 pieces3
Sushi,nori maki (raw fish and rice rolled in seaweed)4 pieces2
Swedish meatballs6 (1" diameter)8
Swedish meatballs with noodles,frozen1 cup (6 1/2 oz.)7
Sweet and sour beef,chicken, or pork1 cup10
Sweet and sour chicken,frozen1 cup (7 1/2 oz.)6
Sweet and sour mix1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.) mix2
Sweet and sour sauce2 tbsp.1
Sweetbreads,cooked1 oz.1
Sweet potatoes,candied1/2 cup3
Sweet potatoes in syrup,canned1 cup (9 oz.)4
Sweet potato leaves1 cup0
Sweet potato pie1/8 of 9" one-crust pie8
Sweet roll1 (3" diameter) or 2 oz.5
Sweet roll,pecan-swirl,store-bought2 small (each 1 oz.)5
Sweet roll,store-bought1 (2 oz.)5
Sweetsop (sugar apple)1/3 fruit (3 oz.) or 1/3 cup pulp1
Swordfish,cooked1 steak (6 oz.)4
Syrup,low-calorie2 tbsp.1
Syrup,regular,any type1 tbsp.1
Szechuan chicken,frozen1 cup (7 oz.)5

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Tabouli1/2 cup4
Tabouli,from mix (prepared according to package directions)1/2 cup prepared2
Taco,beef or chicken15
Taco,hard or soft,fast food14
Taco dinner kit in a box (prepared according to package directions)2 tacos prepared7
Tacos,soft,kit in a box (prepared accoring to package directions)29
Taco salad,without shell and dressing,fast food16
Taco salad,with shell,without dressing,fast food115
Taco salad shells,store-bought2 small or 1 large (1 1/2 oz.)5
Taco sauce1 tbsp.0
Taco shells,store-bought2 (3/4 oz.)2
Taffy1 oz.3
Tahini (sesame paste)2 tbsp.3
Tahini,canned2 tbsp. (1 oz.)5
Tamale,beef,canned2 (4 3/4 oz.)5
Tamale,beef,frozen3 small or 1 large (4 oz.)7
Tamale,chicken,canned2 (6 oz.)3
Tamale,chicken,frozen3 small or 1 large (4 1/2 oz.)6
Tamale,pork,frozen3 small or 1 large (4 1/2 oz.)7
Tamales with sauce2 (4" x 2")10
Tamarinds10 (2 oz.)1
Tamari sauce1 tbsp.0
Tandoori chicken,without skin2 pieces (1 breast and 1 thigh)8
Tangelo1 (7 oz.)1
Tangerine1 (6 oz.)1
Tangerine juice1/2 cup (4 oz.)1
Tapioca1 tsp. uncooked0
Taquitos,frozen2 (each 1 oz.)3
Taro leaves1 cup0
Tartar sauce1 tbsp.2
Tartar sauce,fat-free1/4 cup1
Tarte aux fruits1/8 of 9" tart7
Tarte aux fruits4" fruit10
Tart shell1 (4" diameter)6
Tea,decaffeinated or regular,sweetened1 cup (8 fl. oz.)2
Tea,decaffeinated or regular,unsweetened1 cup (8 fl. oz.)0
Tempeh (fermented soybean cake)1/4 cup (1 oz.)1
Tempura,shrimp4 jumbo shrimp11
Tempura,vegetable1 cup8
Tempura batter mix1/4 cup mix (1 oz.)2
Teppan-yaki1 1/2 cups10
Tequila1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Teriyaki beef2 slices (4 oz.)7
Teriyaki chicken2 slices (4 oz.)6
Teriyaki fish4 oz.4
Teriyaki sauce1 tbsp.0
Teriyaki sauce1/4 cup1
Textured vegetable protein1/3 cup (3/4 oz. dry)1
Thai coffee or tea1 cup (8 fl. oz.)6
Thai crisp noodles1 cup11
Three-bean salad1/2 cup5
Three bean salad,canned1/2 cup (4 1/2 oz.)1
Tirami su1 piece (2 1/4" square)10
Toaster pastry,low-fat1 (1 3/4 oz.)4
Toaster pastry,regular,plain or with icing1 (1 3/4 oz.)4
Tofu,any type1/3 cup2
Tofu,frozen1/2 cup5
Tofu,low-fat1/3 cup1
Tomato,dried (not packed in oil)4 halves (1/2 oz.)0
Tomato,regular,fresh1 cup or 1 medium (4 oz.)0
Tomato and mozzarella salad1 large tomato with 2 1/4 oz. cheese10
Tomatoes,canned,all varities,packed in their own juice or tomato puree1 cup (8 oz.)0
Tomatoes,cherry12 (4 oz.)0
Tomatoes,plum2 large or 4 small (about 4 oz.)0
Tomatoes,stewed1 cup (9 oz.)0
Tomato juice1 cup (8 fl. oz.)0
Tomato paste,canned1/4 cup (2 oz.)0
Tomato puree,canned1/2 cup (4 oz.)0
Tomato sauce,canned1/2 cup0
Tomato sauce,Italian1/2 cup2
Tomato shells (no pulp)20
Tomato soup1 cup2
Tomato soup,canned (made with low-fat or skim milk)1 cup2
Tomato soup,canned (made with water)1 cup1
Tomato soup,canned (made with whole milk)1 cup3
Tomato soup,cream of1 cup5
Tom Collins1 (6 fl. oz.)3
Tom yum kung1 cup2
Tongue,cooked1 oz.2
Tonkatsu3/4 cup or 3 1/2 oz.12
Topping, fruit1 tbsp.1
Topping,fudge,regular or fat-free1 tbsp.1
Topping,whipped,dairy or nondairy,aerosol or frozen1/4 cup (3/4 oz.)1
Topping,whipped,dairy or nondairy,light or fat-free,aerosol or frozen1/3 cup (3/4 oz.)1
Tortellini,beef,chicken, or pork,without sauce,frozen1 cup (3 3/4 oz.)5
Tortellini,cheese,without sauce10 (2/3 cup)3
Tortellini,cheese,without sauce,frozen1 cup (3 3/4 oz.)6
Tortellini,meat,without sauce10 (2/3 cup)3
Tortellini,mushroom,without sauce,frozen1 cup (3 1/2 oz.)6
Tortellini,sausage,without sauce,frozen1 cup (3 3/4 oz.)7
Tortilla,any type2 (4" diameter),1 (6" diameter), 1/2 (10" diameter) or 1 oz.2
Tortilla chips12 (1 oz.)3
Tortilla chips,baked,reduced-fat or low-fat12 (1 oz.)2
Tortoni1 serving7
Tostada,filled,beef or chicken18
Tostada shells,store-bought2 (3/4 oz.)2
Trail mix,any type,store-bought1/4 cup (1 oz.)3
Trifle1 cup5
Trout,rainbow,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Tuna,canned in oil,drained1/2 cup (4 oz.)5
Tuna,canned in water,drained1/2 cup (4 oz.)3
Tuna,cooked1 steak (6 oz.)4
Tuna,grilled,frozen3 oz.2
Tuna dinner in a box (prepred according to package directions)1 cup prepared7
Tuna-noodle casserole1 cup14
Tuna salad1/2 cup6
Tuna salad,store-bought1/2 cup (3 1/2 oz.)5
Tuna salad sandwich111
Turkey,canned1/2 cup (4 oz.)3
Turkey,ground,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)5
Turkey,lean,ground,cooked1 patty (3 oz.)4
Turkey,light or dark meat (cooked without skin)1 slice or 1/2 cup cubed or shredded (2 oz.)2
Turkey,light or dark meat (cooked with skin)1 slice3
Turkey burger,frozen1 patty (3 oz. cooked)5
Turkey croquette,breaded,frozen1 with gravy (5 oz.)3
Turkey noodle soup,canned1 cup1
Turkey roll1 slice (1 oz.)1
Turkey tetrazzini1 1/2 cups9
Turnips,cooked1 cup (6 oz.)0
Turnover,fruit,any type1 (3" x 1 1/2")4
Turnover,fruit,any type,fast food17
Tyropitas,frozen2 (each 1 oz.)4
Tzimmes,vegetables3/4 cup2

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Veal,regular,cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded, or 2 oz.4
Veal,lean (round or loin cuts with all visible fat trimmed),cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded, or 2 oz.3
Veal cutlet,breaded,fried4 oz.10
Veal marsala4 oz.11
Veal parmigiana,without sauce1 serving (5 1/2 oz.)10
Veal parmigiana,with sauce5 oz. with 1/2 cup tomato sauce 12
Veal piccata2 slices (4 oz.)11
Veal scaloppine2 pieces (each 3" x 5") or 4 1/2 oz.12
Veal with peppers5 oz.11
Vegetable barley soup,frozen1 package (7 1/2 oz.)1
Vegetable beef soup,canned1 cup1
Vegetable juice,mixed1 cup (8 fl. oz.)0
Vegetable oil1 tsp.1
Vegetables,creamed (except creamed corn)1 cup10
Vegetables,fried1 cup6
Vegetables,in sauce,frozen1 cup1
Vegetables,mixed,drained1/2 cup0
Vegetables,packed in oil,drained1 cup3
Vegetables,pot roasted with pan drippings1 cup3
Vegetables,sauteed1 cup6
Vegetable shortening1 tsp.1
Vegetable soup1 cup3
Vegetable soup,canned1 cup2
Vegetable soup mix1 cup prepared1
Vegetarian breakfast links (sausage-type)2 (1 1/2 oz.)2
Vegetarian breakfast patty (sausage-type)1 (1 oz.)1
Vegetarian breakfast strips4 (1 oz.)3
Vegetarian burger1 (2 3/4 oz.)2
Vegetarian burger,black bean1 (3 oz.)2
Vegetarian burger,fat-free1 (2 3/4 oz.)1
Vegetarian burger,fat-free,high-fiber (5 grams or more dietary fiber per burger)1 (2 3/4 oz.)1
Vegetarian "cheese" topping2 tbsp.1
Vegetarian chicken patty,frozen1 (3 oz.)2
Vegetarian chicken pieces (nugget-style),frozen4 (2 3/4 oz.)2
Vegetarian deli slices,frozen3 slices (2 3/4 oz.)1
Vegetarian frankfurter,regular or fat-free1 small or 1/2 large (1 1/2 oz.)1
Vegetarian ground "meat",frozen1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Vegetarian sausage,frozen1 1/2 oz.2
Vegetarian topping(made with soy)2 tbsp.1
Vegetarian vegetable soup in a cup1 (1 1/2 oz. dry)3
Venison,cooked1 oz.1
Vichyssoise1 cup5
Vienna sausage,beef and pork,canned3 (each 2" long) 1 3/4 oz.4
Vienna sausage,chicken,canned3 (1/2 oz.)3
Vietnamese beef balls(Thit bo vien)6 (1 1/2 oz.)2
Vindaloo,chicken1 cup8
Vindaloo,pork1 cup9
Vinegar1 tbsp.0
Vitello tonnato2 slices veal (4 oz.) with 1/2 cup sauce20
Vodka1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Vodka gimlet1 (2 1/2 fl. oz.)3

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Wafers,Viennese,filled with chocolate cream,store-bought1 oz.4
Waffle,any type1 (7" square)6
Waffle,any type,frozen1 (4" round or square) 1 1/4 oz.2
Waffle,any type,made from mix1 (4" square) or 1 3/4 oz.2
Waffle,Belgian,frozen1 (1 1/2 oz.)2
Waffle,low-fat,frozen2 (4" round or square)3
Waffles,mini,frozen4 (1 3/4 oz.)2
Waffle sticks,frozen1 large or 2 small (2 oz.)3
Waldorf salad1/2 cup6
Walnuts14 halves (1 oz. shelled)5
Water chestnuts1 cup (4 1/2 oz.)1
Watercress1 cup (1 oz.)0
Watermelon2" slice or 1 cup (5 1/2 oz.)1
Water or mineral water1 cup (8 fl. oz.)0
Wax gourd (Chinese winter melon)1 cup1
Whale,cooked1 oz.
Wheat germ3 tbsp. (3/4 oz.)1
Wheat germ1 tsp.0
Whiskey1 jigger (1 1/2 fl. oz.)2
Whiskey sour1 (3 fl. oz.)3
Whitefish and pike,large,store-bought1(1 1/4 oz.)2
Whitefish and pike,small,store-bought2(1 oz.)2
Whitefish salad,store-bought1 1/2 oz.5
Whiting,cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)4
Wiener schnitzel4 oz.11
Wine,dessert,dry2 fl. oz.1
Wine,dessert,sweet2 fl. oz.2
Wine,light4 fl. oz.1
Wine,non-alcoholic8 fl. oz.0
Wine,regular,dry1 small glass or 1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)2
Wine cooler1 (8 fl. oz.)3
Wine sauce1/4 cup3
Wine spritzer1 (8 fl. oz.)2
Wonton skins (wrappers)5 skins (3 1/2" squares)2
Wonton soup1 cup with 4 wontons4

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Yakitori1 skewer with 3 tbsp. sauce6
Yams,cooked1 large (8 oz.)or 1 cup3
Yam patty,frozen1 (4 oz.)1
Yams,sweetened,canned,in syrup1 cup (9 oz.)3
Yeast1 cup0
Yogurt,fat-free,flavored(vanilla,lemon,coffee),sweetened with sugar1 cup3
Yogurt,fat-free,fruit-flavored,sweetened with sugar1 cup4
Yogurt,fat-free,plain,sweetened with sugar1 cup3
Yogurt,frozen,fat-free,no sugar added1 scoop or 1/2 cup2
Yogurt,frozen,fat-free,sweetened with sugar1 scoop or 1/2 cup2
Yogurt,frozen,low-fat1 scoop or 1/2 cup3
Yogurt,light(artificially sweetened)1 cup2
Yogurt,low-fat,plain1 cup3
Yogurt,low-fat,sweetened with sugar,flavored(vanilla,lemon,coffee)1 cup4
Yogurt,low-fat,sweetened with sugar,fruit-flavored1 cup5
Yogurt,plain1 cup4
Yogurt and cucumber salad1/4 cup1
Yogurt bar,chocolate-covered15
Yogurt-covered pretzels7 (8 oz.)3
Yogurt-covered raisins2 z.3
Yogurt drink1 cup (8 fl. oz.)5
Yorkshire pudding1 piece (4" square)6
Yosenabe2 cups8

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Name Amount Points
Zabaglione 1/2 cup 4
Zeppole 1 (4" diameter) 5
Ziti, baked 1 cup 5
Zucchini, breaded, frozen (prepared without fat) 6 (3 oz) 4
Zucchini, cooked or uncooked 1 cup 0
Zucchini bread 1 slice (5" x 3/4") 5
Zuppa di pesce 2 cups 12
Zuppa Inglese 1/16 of 10" cake 7
Zwieback 3 (3/4 oz) 2